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Saving Money Vs Losing Money…Who’s The Winner?

….you probably remember me talk about my previous job, working night shift stacking shelves.

Well, the powers that be, thought it was a great idea to dim the lighting at night.

I know, work that one out. We work through the night, but we get less light to work with than the customers do.

But, some prat in management thought it was a great way of saving money.

How much were they saving?

I don’t know, but all the good work was undone a few weeks later.

Our team leader, another prat. Thought it was a great idea to stock the refrigerated section when the fridges were on the blink.

Three thousands pounds worth of food ended up in the bin because of it.

Save a few pounds turning off lights, versus, training staff to do their job properly.

One saves money, the other loses it.

Like not tracking your book promotions because you won’t buy tracking software?

You might think you’re saving money, but you’re also losing it.

I show you one easy way to track your book promotions in my new report, using a free website.

Maybe you should have a look and see where else you’re losing money.

You can download my report and videos here.

Hitler Liked Painting And Vegetables Too

…don’t think I’ve ever wrote a blog post with Hitler in the title…but there you go.

WriteCome, a first for everything.  : )

So why am I talking about the little square mustached dictator?

Well, as Tony Shepherd rightly pointed out, he had other interests than just trying to make German the first language world over.

He also liked painting and veggies.

Same goes for the folks you’re creating content for.

The don’t do coloring books 24/7.

They’re not reading one author, or genre, exclusive to everything else.

If they like crossword puzzles, there’s a good chance they like working on other brain teasing content.

So don’t narrow your focus too much when trying to get in front of them, or coming up with ideas they might like to buy.

Think a little outside the niche box.

There’s free traffic, groups, and content ideas out there that hardly anyone else in tapping into.

Now, go get that thinking cap on.

WriteCome, a first for everything.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Can’t even hold you arm straight out and wave anymore either, or it could get taken the wrong way.  : )

1…The Loneliest And Most Dangerous Number

…backing up and moving a site that took hundreds of hours to make is definitely a squeaky bum time.

Ben Settle’s recent podcast mentioned something that was true for me at that time….that the number one is a dangerous number.

– Selling from only one site is dangerous.
Amazon kindle isn’t the only show in town, or Etsy or anywhere else.

– Relying on one traffic source is dangerous.
Fakebook or now known as ApologyBook doesn’t look as safe as it used to be.

– Creating content in one form is dangerous.
Maybe not as dangerous, but not everyone reads, watches videos, or listens to podcast, but cover all three and you’ll get in front of more people.

– Doing everything yourself is dangerous.
I know my way around Canva, but I still know that there are people who can create better book covers than I can.

– One income stream is dangerous.
Once the rug’s pulled out from under you, you’ve got nothing to fall back on. Ask anyone who’s suddenly been laid off how that feels.

– Having one back up of your stuff is dangerous.
When you find out that the backup plugin you’ve been using is useless….when you need it…isn’t a nice feeling. Thankfully I got another one in time I backed it up properly. Whew!

– When your hosting company and domain company are the same is dangerous.
What if they go belly up? Or you’re tied to a weak hosting plan because you can’t take your domain name elsewhere?

Jocko Willink, a decorated Navy Seal, gave this advice on a Tim Ferris podcast…

“Two is one and one is none.”

When you’ve got two of something, and one breaks down or goes missing, you’ve a backup.

When you’ve got one….well, you know the result.

What would you do if your laptop hard drive failed? Have you backed up all those hours of work?

No? Maybe it’s time you did.

Thankfully that’s something you don’t have to worry about at WriteCome.

I’ve got everything doubled up, just in case, like my book selling course.

Not only does it have it’s own digital clone, but it’s got 12 ways to sell books inside it. So you’ve more than enough sale streams to be working on.

12 Surefire Ways To Sell More Books.

Oh, and get your butt to Amazon, and pick up an extra hard drive…just in case.

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