Nikhedonia Isn’t Enough Unfortunately

…most of us get it, especially when the cursor’s hovering over the buy button.

Nikhedonia – is the pleasurable anticipation of success you get before any actual work is done.

Unfortunately, most people online don’t follow up on that feeling by getting the work done to bring on that success. – That little flutter in your tummy is nice, but it don’t pay the bills.

It’s like staring at the love of your life, and never asking him/her out.

Or buying a new car every week, and never actually driving any of them.

Now that’s a idiot! you say.

But how many hard drives are filled with the equivalent?

Nikhedonia is nice, but you can’t live on it.

What you ‘can live on’ is to use what you learn and make something from that knowledge.

Take my Clever Coloring Creations as an example.

In it, I show you how to stand on your own two feet by making all your own unique coloring book images.

Now…if that wasn’t enough… could also use it to make a nice income selling your creations on to other folk.

Or, you could sit and admire it’s nice packaging.


Clever Coloring Creations.

PS – I’ve also thrown in 100 images to give you a head start.


Happy Maewyn Succat Day!

…a day where the world and it’s granny claim to have some Irish blood in them. But like most things, there’s a few myths about the great man that most people don’t know.

– His name wasn’t Patrick. – We pinned that one on him.

– We don’t celebrate his birthday, but the day he died. – Just like the Irish to do things arse ways.

– The holiday began in the U.S before we jumped on board. – So don’t blame us if your town resembles the zombie apocalypse tonight, is wasn’t our idea.

– He didn’t run the snakes out of Ireland. – Although he’d be kept busy today trying to get rid of the two legged kind we’ve got right now.

– It used to be dry day with no pubs open. – That flew out the window very quickly.

– And we kinda cover up the whole kidnapping thing. – Doesn’t look good telling people that we used to kidnap kids and make them work for us many moons ago. 

But, thankfully, he turned the other cheek and thought we were worth saving from ourselves.

While I’m on the topic of busting myths and rumors, there’s another one I’d like to bust today.

This one is that ‘you’ aren’t capable of making your own coloring book images.

Some people would like you to believe that the only way you’re going to get content for your coloring books and the like is by buying PLR image packs.

How do I know this to be true?

Because when I showed this to my affiliate partners no one wanted to share it with their list.

Wonder why?

I’ll let you work out the reason for yourself over here.

PS –  And here’s a joke for the day that’s in it…

“I went out drinking on St Patrick’s Day, so I took a bus home…That may not be a big deal to you, but I’ve never driven a bus before.”

Have a good one!

‘What’s That Noshin’ On Ma Leg.’

…I doubt the title of this blog post would have sold many books for Peter Benchley.

Thankfully he didn’t listen to his father and instead went with the shorter and sweeter ‘Jaws’ title.

And he isn’t alone.

Napoleon Hill, who before he woke up with the title….’Think and Grow Rich,’ was told the title of his new book was going to be ‘Use Your Noodle To Get The Boodle.’

Again, I doubt many would have raced out to buy a book with that name.

When it comes to book titles, or even product names, a few minutes spent with a pen and paper can make a big difference to how many copies you sell.

Thankfully, in this digital age, you can change a cover and a name quickly, and undo those slow sales.

Speaking of titles….how about ‘Chrome Cash’?

The title’s short and sweet and tells you exactly what you can expect from it.

The best part is… can do exactly what I did in that report and have your own money making product.

If you want to make money from the world’s most popular browser…..go here.

PS – And speaking of names…here’s a naughty one that got past the British Jockey Club.

The horse’s name…’Sofa Can Fast.’

Wonder if he lived up to his name?