2 Inches Taller And 20% Poorer

…right now on the Internet there are a ton of people who are two inches taller and twenty percent wealthier than they are in real life.

I’m sure there’s many a woman that’s found that out the hard way when her Internet date pulls up, looking like a homeless Barney Rubble, and not the millionaire Adonis that was on his profile picture.

So it’s little wonder that people are a little wary of anything on the Internet. That’s why you should always be collecting testimonials and reviews as often as you can.

We can all big ourselves up. Say that we’re amazing. But it’s not the same as when a third party does it for you.

Take these testimonials I got as an example…

“Your products are amazing”

“This was an excellent course! All the videos were very thorough and explained everything in great detail. I have already started creating my coloring books and, thanks to this course, am finding the process quick, easy and fun!”

“Barry’s Super Simple Coloring Books training was a refreshing surprise! He delivers exactly what he promises and a whole lot more.”

All very impressive, right?

So where’s yours?

– Where’s the ones on your website?
– The ones inside your books?
– The ones in your free reports?
– The ones on your sales letters?

You don’t have any?

Well it’s time you started asking for them.

And if you’re sitting on some, it’s high time you put them to use today.

If there’s anything that builds your credibility in an instant, it’s simply copy and pasting a testimonial or a review, into your next work.

In a world where anyone can clone your business, or be a ‘me too’ in a matter of minutes, having a list of happy folks you can call on when you need them can help you stand out from the other pretenders.


PS – When you’re six foot three like me, there’s no need to exaggerate about your height. – Just like the stuff I sell, it’s all plain there to see.

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