“Adulting?…Hey, I’m Already An Adult!”

…now yesterday, I had to book my car in for its yearly MOT – (that’s  vehicle testing for those folks on the other side of the pond.)

I hate doing it.

It’s a pain in the butt getting the car ready for it.

And we all sit nervously on the day, looking like we’re sitting out the principal’s office.

But I know it needs to be done.

Because if it was left to us, we’re probably be driving around on bald wheels with bad brakes.

And that’s a lot like moving out of home.

When you’re legally an ‘adult’ it’s easy to let the dog off the leash and before you know it, you’re living on pizza and vegging out in front of the TV 24/7.

Most people don’t hold themselves to a standard, or adult themselves properly.

They don’t control their eating, TV time, and haven’t got a routine they force themselves to stick to.

It’s all ‘Easy Street.’

And don’t get me wrong, Easy Street is great, but it never leads to a great life or great health.

So my question today is, what standard do you hold for yourself?

What do you do when no one is looking?

What do you force yourself to do each day, even when you don’t want to do it?

Dan Kennedy said that most people shouldn’t work from home.


Because they’re both the worst employee, and the worst boss that can’t control that employee.

Do you have to adult yourself?


But if you’re not setting any standards for yourself, it’s easy to let yourself off with the smallest excuse.

Maybe it’s time to hold yourself to a higher standard.


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