Business Advice From A Surfing Instructor

Business Advice From A Surfing Instructor
Business Advice From A Surfing Instructor

… I was reading once about this lady that was learning to surf with her daughter.

Turning their boards back around to face the beach, the instructor pointed out rocks on either side of the beach.

‘You see those? If you keep your eye on them, that’s where you’ll end up. – If you want the beach, keep your eyes on the beach.’

Back when I had a motorbike, I was using that principle and didn’t know it.

Racing to work every night, there was a hump-back bridge that I loved going over. – It was my own personal left, right, chicane.

Riding up toward the bridge, there was a stone wall ahead of you, but my eyes never looked at it.

Somehow I knew that if I took my eyes off the sharp left-hand bend, I’d end up hitting it.

I never did…thank God.

So..what about you?

Where’s your focus?

The rocks, or the beach.

The corner, or the wall?

The lack of books, or the huge catalog to come?

The five email subscribers, or the five hundred you’ll have?

How hard everything is, or that it’s a skill you can learn?

Focus on the rocks and that’s where you’re headed.

Take being a member of WriteCome.

Some people will focus on the $37 per month.

And some people will shake their heads in disbelief at what they get for a dollar and a quarter per day.

Where’s your focus?

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