WARNING – If You’re Easily Triggered I’d Avoid This One

WARNING - If You're Easily Triggered I'd Avoid This One
WARNING – If You’re Easily Triggered I’d Avoid This One

…the other day I saw something that cracked me up.

Folks in Adele’s camp were giving her a hard time because she’d lost weight.

How could she?

How could she lose weight and leave them all behind?

Now, for all their grumbling, you know for a fact that none of them cared about Adele.

If they did, they’d use her as a role model and motivation to dig themselves out of their own hole.

Plus, I doubt many of them cared that her extra weight wasn’t helping her health. – It’s all fun and games until you need to take insulin or shuffle around with a zimmer frame because your body can’t cope.

I wonder where those folks would be when that happened to her?

But no, she’d taken their excuse away.

I see that a lot online too when it comes to having an online business.

People tiptoeing around folks.

Pandering to their tales of woe.

‘You haven’t made money yet? Oh, you poor so and so, it’s because of (enter the excuse of the month here). – That’s why you haven’t been successful until now.’

But pull that excuse back, and we’d find the following…

– They haven’t stuck to one thing for more than 5 minutes. (Because being online means that you can build a ‘REAL’ business every 5 minutes.)

– Hasn’t even tried to build an email list. (Even though everyone in the world told them to.)

– Won’t create content, and put it on any platform. ( And expect people to mysterious find them in the undergrowth.)

– Haven’t created their own digital product. (Nothing to sell, means no money to make.)

– Are the equivalent of ‘Norm from Cheers’ sitting on their bar stool in a Facebook group. (The wittiest guy in the room, but whose digital home life sucks big time.)

Face with reality, that tale of woe doesn’t stand up so well.

That’s why I dropped out of the fiction conversation on Twitter.

It drove me up the wall.

People complaining about too many stories to write, every agent was turning them down, and why it was so tough to publish a book.

But there was good news, they’d just won a competition that gave them ten bucks.

And yet, they could have that book for sale and possibly make money on the Kindle store in less than 24 hours.

That didn’t compute with those folks.

Because it’s easy to have a sob story than to face the fact that you’re a lazy idiot.

Told you this would trigger some folk : )

So…let’s point the finger in your direction.

Why haven’t you had any success yet?

What’s the reason?

The real reason?

Does that really stand up in the cold light of day?

It’s great having a ‘sob story’ but that’s not going to pull you out of a hole.

What will, is facing up to reality.

Back when I lost my home, I could tell you a sob story that would have brought tears out of a stone.

The reality.

I was a moron that bought a home in the middle of nowhere, had a wife that couldn’t drive, and always had to worry about the exchange rate so I could afford the monthly mortgage.

I could pander to you all day, but I know that’s not going to help you.

Maybe it’s time to face the fact, if you’re not willing to do the work, you can forget that Disney tale you’re telling everyone.

Will I get some unsubscribes after this?


But like Adele, I’m sure I’m not going to miss those folks.

They’ll find a home where someone else is going to pat them on the shoulder and tell them that everything is fine.

Those folks….don’t really care if you do anything.

Fact is…they don’t want you to.

Too tough love today?

Probably is, but I’d rather tell you straight than walk beside you on a deluded journey.

You’ll find the unsubscribe link below.  : )

Or if you’re willing to face reality, click here.

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