Everybody’s Gotta Pay

…”Everybody’s gotta pay something for everything” – Wiseguy TV Show

Those words popped out at me the other day whilst I was going through an episode of the 80’s TV show.

In the episode, the main character Vinnie Terranova, finds an old diary written by his long dead father recounting his brush with the local mafia in the neighborhood.

Always seen as a man that was aloof, and someone that kept his nose to the grindstone driving his bread delivery van, Vinnie finds out that his father hated the life he had.

Everyone he knew was getting ahead, while he struggled to bring home enough money to keep a roof over his family’s heads.

“All I need is a break…just one break!” We hear him say repeat through the episode.

Watching the local gangster’s moll play with her expensive necklace one day, and moaning at his bad luck, he’s given the reply above.

Everybody’s gotta pay something.

And it’s so true.

If you want to have a strong online business, whatever form of self publishing you’re into, you’ve got to pay to have it.

– Hours of butt on seat time.
– Moments of frustration.
– Lack of belief.
– Taking action and seeing no visible results for your time.

Those are the prices you’ve gotta pay to get there.

Buying something that promises /or doing the opposite, may make you think that you can escape that payment, but you always pay.

It could be…

– Having a business that could blow over with the softest of breezes.
– Software that works for no longer than a month.
– Watered down advice.
– A head spinning with more ideas that you could ever tackle.
– Dealing with people that see you as a cash cow.

You always gotta pay the price.

Vinnie’s father took the easier route and almost paid for it with his life.

You might never be in a situation like he was, but if you’re not prepared to pay the price, don’t complain about what you’re taking home in your shopping cart.

Now, if you’d always like to have a collection of fiction books that make your money every day.

I’d do this.

PS – Yeah you can bypass the years it can take you to become a writer….but you’ve still gotta pay. And I can show you the best way to do it.

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