5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Upset At Hearing The Word ‘No.’

What does the word ‘No’ mean to you? Does it make you cringe, feel disappointed, or make you feel that life shouldn’t be this way? Or do you take it on the chin and keep moving on? 

How you handle hearing the word ‘No’ could be what separates you from the life you want. Although it can be painful at times, here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t get disappointed hearing the word… 

1 – Most Times It’s Never Personal – Most times when we hear the word no, we feel that it’s aimed toward us. That we weren’t good enough, talented enough, or lacking in some way, but chances are it wasn’t for any of those things. Sometimes a ‘No’ can be for a reason that we’re not even aware of. 

You mightn’t have got the part because that’s not what they were looking for. You might have been turned down for that guest blog because the blog owner wanted to take his blog in a new direction and your piece wouldn’t have fitted into that direction. You might have been turned down for that job because they knew you wouldn’t stay there because you were overqualified. – And sometimes we need to remember that there are times that you can be at the wrong place at the wrong time, none of which have anything to do with you.

2 – There’s Always A Bigger Ratio Of ‘No’s’ To ‘Yes’s’ – No’s and Yes’s aren’t equally distributed in the world. If anything there’s a higher ratio of the former than the latter. When you see life that way, you’ll realize that it’s only natural that you’ll be hit with a string of No’s before you get to a Yes. How long it’ll take you to get there isn’t something we’ll know until we get there. – So if you’re looking for your prince, be prepared to kiss a lot of frogs on your way to finding him. 

3 – Anything Great Is Guarded By A Wall Of ‘No’s’ – If you’re going after anything great in life, be prepared for life to test you. Because it wants to know if you really deserve it and are prepared to fight for it. – Wouldn’t you want to see if you were giving the keys of the Kingdom to the right person?

Everyone wants a six-pack, a Ferrari, and a mansion, and it’s cute to tell the world that that’s what you’re after. But how many get there? – Very few.  The reason they don’t is the majority fold at hearing their first ‘no.’ The next wave drops out on hearing it for the second time. And on and on it goes until a handful, or possibly only one person is left at the finish line. – It’s usually then that life hands them the keys and allows them entry.

4 – ‘No’ Now Doesn’t Mean ‘No’ Forever – The great Slyvester Stallone made it a mission that he wanted to be an actor. But to get there he needed an agent. After going through all the agents in town and hearing no at every turn, you’d have expected him to give up and walk away from his dream. – But he didn’t. 

What he did do is do another tour through all the agencies once more, until finally, one agent got so sick of him in his waiting room that he offered him a job as a street-hood in a Woody Allen movie.  

We like to believe that a ‘no’ is a line drawn in the sand, a mountain that can’t be crossed, as permanent as the Universe. But sand can be rubbed over, mountains can erode, and that Universe that looks permanent now is in a constant state of change.  – If all those things can come and go, then a ‘no’ can become a ‘yes’ at any time in the future. 

5 – If Could Be The Best Thing For You – That job you missed out on, the house that slipped through our fingers, and that person that turned you down could have been the best thing to happen to you.  – Times that I’ve missed out on all of the above, now with hindsight, were the best things to happen to me.  The job sucked, the house wasn’t half as good as what I now own, and that girl that got away, well, I’m glad she got away. : )

Whether you believe in God or not, I do think there’s something out there looking out for us. We like to think we’re the cleverest in the room, but I doubt that very much.  And because of that, I think someone else can see the finished jigsaw puzzle when we’re only looking at the piece that doesn’t fit where we want it to go. – It could be a ‘no’ because we’re trying to force the wrong shape in the wrong space. 

Nobody likes to hear the word ‘No,’ but how boring would life be if all you got were ‘Yes’s’? – Something to think about, right?