Are You Irreplaceable?

…how easily could you be replaced?

Could we find anyone that could step into your shoes and do what you do?

It’s an interesting and scary thought if you’ve never considered it.

Because… our ability to be replaced is equivalent to our value.

The harder it is to replace you, the more valuable you are.

Now, you’re probably irreplaceable in your family’s eyes.

But to the marketplace, that’s a different story.  – If I can find someone cheaper, faster, better, and more reliable than you, I’ll take my business elsewhere.

How do I know? – Because we all do it.

We’re all looking for a better option unless there’s one that can’t be compared or replaced. – In those cases, we’ll happily pay more or wait until that person is free so we can deal with them.

Way back, when I got laid off from my first ever job, I personally saw it in action. The computer company we worked for, decided to head to eastern Europe because the pay rates were lower there.

At the time, we protested, striked, and did all we could but we were trying to win a game that was already lost. – We weren’t valuable enough and so they moved on.

And the same is true for you.

If there’s a better option than you, people will also go that way.

You can complain, say it’s not fair, but it’s always going to be that way.

Here’s how the great Bob Proctor explained it…

“The Law of Compensation states that the amount of money or good you receive in life is going to be in direct ratio with these three things: The need for what you do. Your ability to do it. The difficulty there will be in replacing you.”

When you’re in the situation above, you’re working against the law.

However…as long as people need what you do.. and you’re always trying to improve yourself and your work… the rest takes care of itself.

So I’ll ask again, how easily can we replace you?

If the answer is ‘very.’

But prepared to be the best option out there, or watch out, because someone is on the way to take your spot.

I like to think my emails are better than most that hit your inbox every day.  But I know there’s always room for improvement.

Here’s the simple process I use every day…

Don’t Let Today Escape You

…from all my recent reading lately, I’ve come to the conclusion that the greats don’t let the day escape them.

For them, it’s all about control, and not just beating the sun in the morning.

It’s about wringing the most from that day, and not letting the sands of time slip through their fingers.

It’s about clawing back time, sometimes through staff and software, but also through reading and listening, so they can condense learning from others’ years of mistakes down to hours, if not minutes.

It’s about putting what you do, above the attention and distractions everyone else is seeking from them.

It’s about following a daily plan, so they get the most out of their day.

It’s about realizing that if a minute can’t be replaced, then how can I turn it into five, ten, or an hour, through repurposing, reusing, or outsourcing?

It’s about realizing that you’ll never get more than 24 hours in your day. That if you can’t extend it, then you better make sure that you find better ways to make money and freedom in that day.

It’s about knowing that at the end of the day, there’s nothing more satisfying than climbing into a bed knowing you did all you could that day. – And tomorrow you’ll do your best to do the same.

It’s about knowing that life has a countdown and it’s not an endless journey. – So if you want to make things happen you better act now because the clock’s running down.

It’s about putting your work first in the day.  – So if the day gets taken from you, you’ve still punched the clock and done your time.

It’s about trying to fail as fast as you can because it’s better to find the outcome of an action today than tomorrow.

It’s about trying to squeeze as much into this life as possible, then doing the least amount and having all life to do it.

Outside. we marvel at what they do, how quickly they get things done, and how focused they are.

But really, it all starts with not letting the day escape them.

Don’t let today escape you.

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