The Bright Side Of The Coronavirus

…if there’s a “ying” to all this Coronavirus “yang,” it’s that your audience is trapped at home right now.

They’re bored.

They’re fed up of Netflix.

They’re looking for a laugh.

They’re looking for some distraction.

And you, my friend, should be giving it to them right now.

Now is the time to start wheeling out those free colouring page downloads.

To offer some free samples of your writing.

Or to show off your expertise and teach people something with a free video.

Today a witnessed a woman in a green Lyotard dancing her ass off to Irish music in a live stream on Facebook.


Probably cause she was bored, or on something. – My money’s on the second option.

Heck, even her dog was looking on in embarrassment at one point. I think he’s lived that moment a few times, you could just tell. 

But folks are bored, and that cabin fever is only going to get worse in the days and weeks ahead.

So why not fire up that webcam, plop yourself in front of it, and do a Facebook live or a YouTube live.

You couldn’t do any worse than what I witnessed today.

If everyone’s zigging, it’s time to be zagging.

Social distancing is your cue to get in front of more of your audience.

There may never be a better time than the one you’re being handed right now.

How hard is it to do a Facebook live?

If I can do them, like this one here,anyone can.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Now off you go and show off those skills of yours.

Oh, and Happy Paddy’s day!

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