3 Reasons Why It’s Great That You Suck At What You Do

…pissed off with where you are right now? Not happy with the progress you’re making, that’s a good thing.

‘Really? Because I….’

Stay with me a moment and it’ll all make better sense. 

Here’s why….

Frustrated that you still suck? – That’s because somewhere deep down inside of you, there’s a part of you that knows you can do what you want to do.

The fact that you can’t do it yet, is what’s frustrating you.

Look at it this way, there are probably people in your life that are as happy as a clam that they can’t write. Wouldn’t worry them if they never sat at a keyboard. Why? Because it’s not in them.

You do, and that’s why it hurts.

You’re crap at what you do – If I took you onto the pitch at the Superbowl, pushed the ball into your chest, and screamed run into your ear, how far do you think you’d get?

A yard, two, or maybe you’d fill your pants with nerves.


Because you weren’t ready for it, you didn’t put in the time, know the moves, and didn’t have what it took to stand up to the pressure.

Years spent taking the heavy hits, fumbling with the ball, and growing your confidence are what’s going to make you ready for the field.

Same goes for what you’re trying to do right now. It’s going to take time to improve those talents. Then you’ll be ready to deliver the killing touchdown pass.

Because others suck too – Know why there very few at the stop of any field? Because people give up when the going gets tough.

Right now there are people doing what you’re doing, being as frustrated as you are, that’ll give up. That my friend, is natures way of getting rid of the competition.

The cream may always rise to the top, but if you don’t stay in the game, you’ll float back to the bottom.

The Rock, Vin Diesel, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone all people who never would be at the top of the box office if it was measured on acting talent. And yet they’ve all got there.

Why? Because they stayed longer in the game, than even better actors, and got to where they are because of it.

Stick at what you’re doing longer than your competition, and don’t be surprised if they’re not at the finish line when you get there.

And look at this way, sucky and all as you are, I bet you were worse at it last week.

So that’s a good sign, isn’t it?

The WriteCome podcast may suck right now, but it’s better than the podcast that doesn’t exist.

Want to listen to a sucky episode?

PS – Boy do you suck. But in a good way. 🙂