3 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching Your Web Stats

Today I thought we’d have a look at something that most newbies don’t bother doing, and that’s looking at your web and blog stats. Now for some of you, the mental door in your head  has just slammed shut and you’re already tuning out, but stick with me.

Paying attention to those stats will not only motivate you, that you’re making progress, but it’ll also point out those time and money leaks you weren’t aware of if you don’t check.

1 – Are You Making Progress? – On the outside it may seem like you’re making very little progress. You may have put out some content this week, offered a free report, or any matter of things,  but on the outside it look’s like that  effort was the equivalent of a fart in a hurricane.  – Nobody read it, or cared about it.

But get under the hood and you may be surprised by what you find.

  • That report you uploaded, may have had more downloads that you didn’t know of.
  • That little traffic you had last month may be double this month?
  • That post you thought was going to be the one that knocked it out of the park  may have fallen on its butt.

Not only are your web stats a great way to keep on top of that, but it’s satisfying to watch your month traffic increasing on a monthly basis. Sure, you could look at it on a daily basis, but you’ll notice bigger jumps if you step back and get a wider view.

Once you see that you’re making inroads and your traffic is increasing,  it’s a very motivating to see that what you’re doing is working.  But don’t sit on your laurels, challenge yourself to break those numbers the following month.

2 – Is What You’re Doing Working? – Is Pinterest where your people are? Is Facebook really worth the time and effort you’re putting into it? Is that blog commenting or forum posting diverting traffic back to you? Well, is it?

If you don’t know, or you’re following a ten tip article that someone put up, don’t be surprised if all that effort was a total waste of your time.

Thing is, the stats don’t lie. I’ll give you my own personal wake up call.

When it comes to driving traffic to a site, many marketers, including one I follow, recommended answering questions on the site Quora.com.

Now if you don’t know Quora, it’s like Yahoo answers. People post questions, you supply the answers. And  if you give good advice, people are inclined to click through to your page and see what else you’re knowledgeable on. – In my case, I targeted writing and self publishing, because that’s my niche.

Now if you look at the image above, you’ll notice two things. One I’m a ‘Top Writer’ (don’t know what metrics they use for that), and two,  my answers have been viewed almost 34,000 times.

Now flattering for the ego as both are, the web stats tell a different story.

Going to my Cpanel to confirm that I was the best thing since the sliced pan of bread, I found that less than 10 people a month travel over to my site.

On paper, it looks like everything I’m doing is working for me…

  • I’ve got 242 answers on the site
  • I’m a top writer
  • Almost 6000 views this month

Do I still bother going to Quora?


In fact you couldn’t pay me to post answers on that site anymore.

And it’s going to be the same for you.

  • Is that book promotions you’re doing working?
  • Is Facebook sending you the traffic you think it is?
  • Should you go Instagram or Pinterest?

If you’re not checking your web stats regularly you’re wasting time, money, and effort doing things that are not moving you forward.  Just because someone says it’s true, doesn’t necessarily mean that’s true. – The web stats don’t lie.

3 – Are You Being Robbed? – Surely someone wouldn’t rob from little ole you, would they? Wake up call, they will. And to think otherwise is being foolish.

While it’s flattering to think that you’re creating something worth stealing, people dipping into your website to download what they want for free, is taking money from your pocket.

Again a personal story.

Just last weekend, I created a short report and video course called Chrome Cash. While the sales weren’t electric, I put it down to people being busy over the weekend.

The web stats tell a different story.  – When you notice a spike in traffic to a page, or download, it’s worth checking it out.

And for me, that spike and stats told me that not only were people coming to my site to download the report, but they were directing people to the download page.  Here’s two places…

And this tool bag.

Yep, for free and for $2. The best part, the sales letter is the one i wrote, so in fact I’m selling my own product for him to collect the cash on. – Nice, right?

Now I know what you’re thinking, but that would never happen to me. Yeah, and I said that too.

You can wear blinkers and think that no one ever will, but if you’re not paying attention to your web stats, you’ll never know.  – And if you’re wondering, yes  I have changed my download page and that product will be coming off the market in a few days. After that it’ll only be available to members in the membership area.

So whatever you thought of web stats before this post, I hope this has been a wake up call as to why you should be checking them regularly.

Remember – The stats don’t lie.