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3 Things You Can Learn From Amazongate

…if you read yesterday’s email, you’ll know I got kicked off Amazon KDP for life, or even longer, it was worded that way.  🙂

Anyhoo, I got to thinking, what’s the good thing in this? Bob Proctor mentioned in a video once, that for every negative situation you find yourself in, there’s always something you can take from it.

Here’s my 3…

1 – I Wasn’t In Charge Of My Work.

Dan Kennedy once said that if there’s someone between you and your customer then you’re not in charge.

I wasn’t in charge, and let Amazon dictate, how much I made from my books, who I could sell to sell to, and that I had to compete with everyone else to get paid.

I don’t have that now.

Now that I own my books, I can give them away, set up a monthly fan club (sell to my followers), or put all the content on a site I own and fill the pages with ads….or whatever I want to do with it.

You can do the same too.

2 – I Still Own My Content

Compared to offline work, where you’re left looking at a severance check and nothing else, I’ve got a catalogue of kid, and adult books that I can walk away with and sell from now til I pop my clogs.

And even then, I can hand them over to my kids and let them do what they want with them.

Same goes for you.

That planner, kids book, romance fiction, whatever you’re making is an asset and can be as valuable as something physical or even more so.

Over the years, my Minecraft books made me thousands of dollars, (and that’s real bucks and not the fake guru kind), the work you do today, even if it’s frustrating, can outlive you and make money for your loved ones.

3 – I Still Got The Skills

Right now, I can rustle up a picture book, write a short story, or create a video course without giving it another thought.

Same goes for you. Right now, if I dropped you in the middle of nowhere, I’m sure you could easy create a planner, journal, coloring book, short story, whatever.

You probably think that’s not a big deal, but there are people out there that don’t, or haven’t the courage to do that. – You should be proud of what you know and can do.

Not only should you continue to learn skills that pay the bills, but you should put them into action. – Don’t leave that stuff to gather dust on the hard drive between your ears.

And speaking of hard drives, I’ve two slots in my monthly email coaching opening at the end of the month.

If you want to a pen pal for 30 day’s to bounce ideas and get guidance, click here now.

This is the last time it’s every going to be this low. I’ve been selling my time for too low a price, so prices are going up in 2019.

PS – Oh and another thing, Amazon doesn’t like it when you complement them on their copy and paste answers, rather than answering the question you asked.

Funny that. I guess the people working there don’t require much skill for their job. 

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