3 Things You’ll Discover When You Unsubscribe From 99% Of Your Emails

If you haven’t been following me, or never been to WriteCome, you won’t know that I did the unthinkable a few weeks back, I unsubscribed from 99% of the email lists I signed up to.  Since then I’ve discovered a few things….

1 – The World Doesn’t Fall Out Of It’s Orbit – While most people would like you believe, unsubscribing from an email list isn’t the end of the world for you.

Yeah, you won’t hear anything more from that person again, but let’s face it, if your finger is hovering over the unsubscribe button it’s safe to say that that relationship wasn’t working out.

Life still goes on, this little rock we’re all standing on still zings through space, and Trump will still do something stupid,  nothing changes. – Except for the fact that you’ve got less junk to sift through.

2 – You’ll Have More Money In Your Pocket – While it’s probably obvious, having less offers hitting your email inbox means you’ll have more money.  You’ll also find, is that that extra time you get back, allows you to work on the most important thing in your own business – making money.

Not faced with the ping of an email every two seconds means that you’re not distracted from your writing. I don’t know about you, but once an email alert came in, I promised myself that I’d just have a quick peek just to make sure it wasn’t important.

Twenty minutes later, that quick peek led to me down a rabbit hole of distraction, and left me trying to get my head back into the flow of writing once more.  – Had I had someone in the room distract me like that I would have shown them the door.

But it’s only email, right? It’s harmless.

Wrong.  – Ditch the distraction.

3 – You Appreciate What Goes Into Your Head – Now, while I’m not saying that once you subscribe from the majority of emails you’ll be sitting cross legged mouthing the word ‘Om’ over and over again , but what I am saying is that you’ll put up with less of the crap out there.

Unsubscribing from email, and seeing how better your life and productivity quickly becomes of it, will lead to other actions.  One of those is the ‘What the hell am I following those idiots on social media?’…..to  answering the ping of your favourite social media platform’s app.  – They quickly lose their appeal.

Like a needy email,  you’ll quickly it for what it is elsewhere too.  – You’ve got the person that thinks the world needs to see their latest meal, cares that they’ve ridden 20 miles in the countryside and exhausted themselves, or that they’ve made an announcement to the world that they hate all men.

Let’s be honest, if your family or spouse, doesn’t care about half the things you do, little Johnny on the other side of the world gives less of a toss.  – Sure, you’ll get the needy supporting the needy, making it look like they care. – But come on, when did a double tap on  a smartphone become so treasured or something of an achievement.

Writing content, teaching people, coaching, writing books, that’s an achievement.  A ‘Like’ on Facebook, that’s a way down the scale of things.

….and there you have it. Three things I discovered when I unsubscribed from 99% percent of the junk in your email inbox.

Will you take on the challenge yourself, in most case I’d probably say no. And if you do, you’ll probably find yourself, slowly adding yourself to just one more list just in case you miss something important. 

But if you stick with it, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it sooner.

Oh, and if you want to speed up the unsubscribe process go to Unroll.me. (If you’re outside the US, just say you’re living there, and you’ll bypass that hurdle.)