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30 Days Of Book Sales

…from time to time I like to throw out the odd nugget for how you can sell more books, or how to separate yourself from the crowd.

Today, I’m going to show you both.

Now, imagine for a moment, if you had 30 days where you could pitch your next book or books to your new reader without being as pushy as a used car salesman?

Interested? OK, let’s begin.

Recently I bought a copy of Mel Robbins great book ‘The 5 Second Rule’, which has a bonus of thirty days of videos.

A quick sign up, and for the next 30 days I’m being drip fed a video per day. – All of which, are hosted on Mel’s website.

Now…and this is something Mel isn’t doing…each five minute video could end with a trailer for another of her books.

Or be surrounded with banner ads, leading to her books on the Amazon store.

Or taken further, and more profitable, have a discount for a high priced course.


For the next thirty days I’m seeking out her emails, clicking through to watch her videos, which all leads me back to her website.

Which all means that….

– She’s separated herself from the crowd, as not many other authors are giving away thirty videos for free with a book.
– She’s building trust, as I’ve now got a face to go with the words.
– She’s training me to click on her email links, as I’m going to be doing it for the next 30 days.

Now it’s your turn.

Could you come up with 7, 14, 30 – 5 minute videos – that you could give away with your next book?

Or could you come up with free PDF downloads, one per day, to get your customer to come back to your site over and over again?

Here’s the thing to remember….don’t give it all in one go…it won’t be appreciated or seem as valuable.

“30 days of downloads” sounds a lot better than ‘Here’s a download page, go knock yourself out.”

So, your mission should you accept it, is to work that noodle of yours.

What can you add to the value of your book, that’ll get people to sign up to your email list, and come over to your site again and again?

Now, another way to get people to warm to you is to simply email your folks and tell them all about you and your books.

It’s easy if you know how. 

PS – I’m still using it…there’s no reason why you can’t be in your reader’s inbox every day too.

Or you could complain to the others on Facebooks that aren’t selling books either….because all of this seems like too much work.


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