32.37% Of People Think I’m A Tool


You probably thought the number was higher, right?

I dunno, maybe …I just pulled that number from my head and put it in the subject line.

But I’m realistic. I know that for anyone that likes me, there are lots that don’t.

Years ago that used to annoy me.

“Why don’t you like me?”

I’m a nice guy, wouldn’t do something to intentionally hurt someone, so why the cold shoulder.

Now, I’m a lot wiser. That’s the way it is.

I could run into a burning house, rescue a box of kittens, and there would be people that would think I was a tool. A show off. A cat lover and not a dog lover, etc…

From the emails I’ve been getting this week on mailing lists, I can see this.

How often should I mail, what should I write about, where should I put my link, and what color should it be?

That my friend, is ‘Tool’ avoidance.

Email once a day, you’re a tool. Once a week, you’re a tool. Make your hyperlink blue, you’re a tool

You can’t win.

But there will be people that won’t give a fig. Will forgive the odd spelling mistake you make, and enjoy hearing from you. They also don’t care what color your hyperlink is.

They’ll also like you.

I’ll say that again, they’ll actually ‘Like you!’

Crazy, I know.


Then there are people that think your book characters are tools.

If you want a little tool avoidance, well because that can’t fight back, you can pick up my character tool avoidance kit here.

PS – Even U2 can’t win. 40% of Irish people think they’re tools. Think it bothers them? I rest my case.