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4 Reasons Why I Feel Sorry For Non Writers


For all the talk you hear and read about the painful life of a writer, how they’re not making money, why Amazon doesn’t appreciate them, and whatever else is on the author complaint news feed, there’s some things that non-writers will never experience that us writers do.  

What are they?

I’m glad you asked because that’s today post.

1 –  They Never Inspire, Motivate, Teach, Or Entertain Anyone Outside Their Immediate Circle –  Although you could argue that anyone can write a Facebook post or article and have it wing it’s way to every corner of the globe.

There’s very few people that do, or set out to do that on a regular basis. That takes balls, butt in seat time, and being prepared to be open yourself to criticism.

The benefits of it however make it worthwhile. When you move someone with your words to lose weight, start a business, or entertain them through a tough time in their life it make it all worthwhile.

– When you can affect people, you may never meet on the other side of the world, to me, that’s amazing.

2- They’ll Never Have Anything That’ll Live Long After Their Time Here – Visit any library, and go beyond the latest releases, and you’ll come into contact with people who are now longer with us.

For non writers working a nine to five, the products of their efforts usually don’t live long after they’ve made it. For some in the building or mechanical trade that shelf time may be longer, but put an article or book on the web today and who knows how many lifetimes it’ll be out there.

– Who knows you’re great, great, great, grand kids could be reading your words.

3 – They Never Take The Chance To Get Out Of Their Comfort Zone – They say that most people would rather die than public speak, I’d put writing a close second.

Everyone will tell you that they want to write a book, but faced with opening themselves up to ridicule and public judging on a daily basis sends most people running for the hills.

But for those that do, you’ll find that like ripping off a band-aid, the scenario in your mind is a lot worse than the truth. But like standing at the edge of a building for a bungee jump, most people back away never to jump.

– Which is sad knowing that some of the best-selling books will never be written.

4 – You Write Once And Get Paid Numerous Times – I’ve worked in plenty of jobs that paid me what they thought I was worth, and by the hour. I worked twelve I got paid for twelve; I got sick I didn’t get paid.

Writing on the other hand was a different matter. Write content that you can sell or can monetise and that hour of work multiplies itself ten fold, a hundred fold, or even more.

That content also doesn’t care if you’re on holiday, off sick, or retired to the beach. As long as it’s good and what people need, each piece is another income stream working twenty four- seven three hundred and sixty-five days of the year.


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