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4 Ways To Get More Eyeballs On You And Your Books

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As you probably know, 50% of an author’s work is writing the book, the other 50% is marketing it. If you’re self publishing and haven’t got a traditional publishing contract to help you with your marketing, then it’s up to you to come up with inventive ways to not only get in front of new readers eyes, but also be remembered by past readers.

So here’s four ways to get more eyeballs on you and your books…

Twitter Account –  Why not set up a Twitter account in your character’s name  and post content there on a regular basis?  Because they probably think act and speak differently than that you do, it’s a great way of looking at the world through your character’s eyes.  For example, if Lee Child set up a Twitter account based on his character Jack Reacher, you can be guaranteed he would find hundreds and thousands of people  flocking to it to get their daily dose of Jack Reacherisms.

Instagram Account –  If you haven’t got the time to post regularly to a Twitter account why not set up an Instagram account instead, and post images based on what your character would post. Not only could you use images that you’ve been using to write the book, but you could also go back into some of the character’s backstory.

Again looking at it from a Lee Child point of view what would Jack Reacher post to his Instagram account? You’d probably find a lot of military type photographs, maybe even snapshots that he’s taken as he’s hitching along the side of the road. You’d probably also find a lot of images of dinners and coffee shops where he hangs out when he’s between books.

Blog – Rather than the blog been a personal blog of your thoughts and ideas, why not base it on your character instead? Again, like the Twitter and Instagram ideas earlier, why not set up a blog for your character and have your character write to it on regular basis. Like the two previous examples, this could be how your character looks at the world. So it could be  a mashup of the Twitter and Instagram ideas, so that you post short blog posts and entries  to it. Again, taking the Jack Reacher idea, you could write a daily blog post from the roadside.

What’s he been up to? What’s happening to him that day, And possibly posts where he reminisces about his past history, giving you the ability to write blog posts that fill out some of the backstory of the character.

Lee Child has also been very successful with his Jack Reacher short story collection. Why not test some of your short story ideas on your blog and see how well they’re accepted by readers? Once you’ve built up a bit of traction with these, there’s nothing stopping you repurposing them, packaging them together, and offering them free to readers to get them to subscribe to your email list.

Quotes – One easy way to repurpose the content of your book is to take portions of it and put it on background images and make memes from them. One popular form of memes is quotes. So are there any words of wisdom, sayings,  catchphrases,  or motivational pieces that you could strip out from your book and make a meme from?  Or what about those pieces did you’ve already written, but that aren’t part of the book? Could you take those redundant paragraphs and make some use from them?

Once you’ve created them, there’s nothing stopping you posting them to all the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anywhere else that will accept images. Not only is it a great way to keep your character fresh in your reader’s mind, but it’s also a low cost and easy way to get yourself in front of new readers that you possibly might never have in any other way.

I’m sure you can see that with a little imagination and a little work, it’s easy to keep your alive and well between books. Because with many books being released on a daily basis, it’s easy for readers to forget  both you and your books. But by posting regular and constant content,  like what I’ve shown you earlier, you can keep that character alive  long after the book has been closed and the next one has been written.

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  1. Hi Barry,
    I think these are great ideas for reaching out on Social Media to make your characters or quotes known. For me, I’m more partial to the memes just because I enjoy making them and reading them. They are short and to the point with impactful messages. I do think we should consider them all. Thanks for the information.

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