4 Ways To Sell More Books With The Back Matter Of Your Book.

StockSnap / Pixabay

Your readers just come to the end of your book, but because you don’t have anything in place there’s only one thing they can do, leave.  Wouldn’t it be better to have something there? Yes it would, and because of that and that I’m a good guy, I’m going to give you four ideas you can us to sell more books and keep readers in your book funnel.

1 – Give A Free Sample Of Next Book – The worst thing you can ever let a reader do is closed their book, or switch off their e-reader. Once your reader’s finished their book, your next action is to keep them in your sales funnel.  You can do this easily by offering the first chapter of your next book for free.  Once they’ve read the first chapter (or two) you’ve got a hold on them to keep reading.

A good way to improve your chances of making a sale, or get them to click through to that book, is to end your piece on a cliffhanger.  Once you’ve left them in suspense and wondering what’s happening next,  you can let them come to you rather than forcing your next book on them.

If you haven’t got the next book ready yet, you can still offer the first chapter free, but have a link to your announcement list. Once the book’s ready they’ll be one of the first to know when the books out.

2 – Give Away Entry Into A Competition – If your reader is an avid one, it won’t take much to tempt them to join your competition, especially if your price is reader related. Prizes you could offer are,  box sets of your books, Amazon book vouchers, or anything in-between.

Although running a competition like this may be a little time consuming, with readers finding out and entering your competition weeks or months from now.  You can make it easier by setting up a dedicated website or Facebook page and direct your reader to it.  Once they get there you can have all the terms and conditions of the competition there.

For a Facebook post you could set up a weekly/monthly giveaway where anyone that likes and shares your competition post, gets free entry into a pool for that week or month’s prize. Then you simply have to keep returning to that post and picking the most recent entries and pick one from them.

On your website/blog, again you could use a share feature, email optin, or link to a giveaway website like RaffleCopter.com, and let them deal with the heavy lifting for you.

I also highly recommend that you install the Facebook tracking pixel on your site/blog’ page.  This way if you want to retarget these people, or create an identical audience for a paid Facebook ads campaign, you’ve got yourself covered and know your audience.

3 – Get Likes For Your Facebook Page –  While not the best way of building an audience, or making immediate book sales, any action you can get your reader to make the better.  One way you could entice a reader to click though is by offering ‘DVD extra’s’ of the book they’ve just read. This could be…

  • Photographs or illustrations, that you’ve either had created for the book, or pictures that have inspired you when creating your characters and story line.
  • A short story you’ve written about the characters and offer it as a download at your Facebook page. 
  • Or videos by you, either face-to-camera, or over the shoulder, as you talk about the book, how it came together and why you wrote it the way you did.

Once they’re over there, ask if they’d give your page a like while they’re there.  Again,  with the help of Facebook’s pixel, you can set up Facebook ads for people that take action on your page so you can target these readers in the future with your next books.

4 – Build A List Using Leadifly – Let’s face it, readers are fed up filling in opt in forms and giving away their email addresses. They’ve been hit by too many spammers, charlatans, and are now worried about their internet security.

Because of that, offering an email optin page for your reader to fill in, is usually met with a ‘Next!’ or you get a made up email entered into the form.  A handy way to get around this, by providing the least amount of action, and getting the readers genuine email address, is by using  the WordPress plugin, Leadifly.

It’s very easy to set up, and one which I use on this site for my free report ’10 Ways To Make Money From Writing.’ The plugin gives you a simple link to offer to your reader. (Here an example of the link…https://writecome.com/leadifly_link/free-report/ ( you can click it to see how it works.)

Once they click on the link, it takes them to a Facebook permission box which asks if it’s OK for them to share their email and name with a third party (you on this occasion).

Once they click ‘Yes,’ they’re redirected to the link where they can pick up, their free book, gift, entry form for competition, or whatever you’re doing, and you get their email address with the least amount of fuss. You also get their real address and not a fictitious one.

And there you have it, 4 thing you can do today to build  a list, sell more books, and create an audience for your Facebook ads. And these aren’t the only ways you can use. With a little imagination of your part, I’m sure you can come up with even more ideas.

Best of luck.