5 Coloring Book Ideas Inside

…now that nearly all of you have your hands on my coloring book course, don’t limit yourself just to coloring books.

As a wiser man than I am once said, ‘When everyone’s zigging you should be zagging.’

Here’s five ideas you can take and work on today…

– Create a free PDF coloring book and either offer it at the back of your kids book, or on your website as an opt in to get email addresses.

– Go look up the most popular kids names in the US and create a personalised  ids book for each name. – Who wouldn’t want a coloring  book that’s all about them?

– Use it for content on your blog or website. Simply create images using your favourite fonts and  post to your site.

– Mix and match your coloring book images with your work book pages.
You can bulk up your work book’s content and give the child a break from working out their noodle.  – Plus the parents don’t have to  buy a separate coloring and work book, because yours has it all.

– Why stick to just coloring books? Again create images, save them as .png files, and then take them to Cafepress, Etsy, Redbubble and make t-shirts, mugs, wall art, or anything else you want from them.

Whew! I need to sit down after all that.

But there you go…5 ideas you could be using right now…today.

Don’t have a copy of the coloring book course yet?

Go here.

Want to kick butt with 6000 more fonts?

Go here.

PS – And don’t let this new knowledge rot on your hard drive…..go take action.

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