5 Instagram Ideas For Authors

Photo-Mix / Pixabay

Lost for ideas on what to post about today? Here’s five simple and novel ideas you might like.  If you like what you’ve read you can find another 21 Instagram ideas here.

A Day In The Life ​- Unless your audience is living with you, they won’t have any idea of what a typical day is for you. It could be a mug of coffee before firing up your laptop, reading through the days storyline before getting started, or the scribble of a new plot idea at your local coffee shop. Pull back the curtain and allow your followers a sneak peek at what life is like for an author. You might think that no one would be interested, but you’d be surprised by what readers would like to know about your day. Plus, it also helps you to grow a bond between you and your readers.

Books – ​What books have helped you the most with your writing, or with your life? This is not only another helpful image for followers to see, but easy to do too. Simply ‘screen grab’ the book covers and place them on a plain background. If your image looks a little crowded save some of your book covers for future posts. You can also refer to the authors with a hashtag. No matter how lofty they seem, most authors love nothing more than to know that their book made a difference to someone.

Celebrities​ – Got a favorite celebrity whose birthday is coming up? Why not post a picture of them on your account and wish them a happy birthday. They may never see it, but use their name as a hashtag anyway and you’ll probably find yourself coming into contact with their fans. And if they don’t have a birthday, what’s a quote of theirs that has inspired you to become the person you are? Why not post that too.

Deaths – ​Not a nice topic to post about, but if someone’s died and you’d like to mark their passing with a fitting remembrance post, feel free to do it. It doesn’t have to be someone well known or even human for that matter. Anyone who’s lost an animal will know how it feels like to lose a close companion. Again like the celebrity post, it could be as simple as a quote, a thank you, or just a few words to sum up your time together.

Educate – ​While not the usual formal type of education. This educate idea can come in the form of “True or False” or multiple choice questions. Although Instagram isn’t anything like the conversational sites of Twitter or Facebook, this idea can bring comments to your images as viewers interact with your images and answer your questions and quizzes.