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5 Reasons Why Every Author Should Be Emailing Their List Daily

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If you’re an author for any length of time,  it’s probably been drummed into your head over and over again that you should, and must, stay in constant contact with your readers. Why? For the simple fact that you are only one author in a huge sea of authors. You may have your readers attention as they’re going through your book, but once that book is finished and they move on to the next one, like that book you’re history to them. Then another author takes over when you left off.

Because of that, you need to stay in constant contact with your readers so that you’re in the forefront of their mind. For example if you’re writing for a niche romance audience, like writing books on mail order brides, if your readers don’t think of you when they think of mail order bride books, then you’re not standing out in the game. And if you’re not standing out you can be guaranteed that someone else is doing it.

Someone else is speaking to your readers on a regular basis. Someone else is building a relationship with these readers outside their books. And someone else is building an asset so that they’re never at the mercy of Amazon or any of the other book stores for selling to their audience.

Like your books, having an email list is an asset and one you should be building along with your collection of books. But I know a lot of writers are put off by doing this for the simple fact that they don’t know what to talk about and worry about how they come across to the readers.

But come on, how can you call yourself an author if you can’t write a simple email to your list? I’d question any author’s ability if they can’t sit down for 10 or 15 minutes and type out a simple 200 to 300 word email and send it to the readers on a regular, if not daily basis. And yes, I said daily.

Why should you write a daily email to your list?

1 – You’re Guaranteed To Get In Front Of Them – Let’s face it, your readers email box is probably filled every day with junk. If you think that they’re going to go searching for that one email you wrote last week, you’re kidding yourself. If I write seven emails to you this week there’s a good chance I’ll get in front of you at least once if not more in those seven days..

2 -It Builds Relationships Between You And Your Reader – If you think you can be a success nowadays by hiding in the shadows, you’re sadly mistaken. People buy things from people they like, know, and trust, Writing a daily email and allowing your reader into your life and get to know you better, increases that trust and makes them more willing to buy from you.

3 – It’s Uncomfortable To Do – Like I said in my previous post, “Scary Times Ahead” if you’re not pushing yourself and making yourself uncomfortable on a daily basis you’re not growing. Sure it’s tough coming up with ideas for your emails, and finding time to sit down and do it, but this is only in the beginning. The more you do it, and the longer you do it for, the easier it gets and the more of your personality comes through in your emails because of it.

4 – Because Everyone Else Is Not Willing To Do It – Like I said earlier, if you want to stand out from the crowd you’ve got to do the things that other authors aren’t willing to do. If your name doesn’t come to them when they’re thinking of a certain genre then you’re lost. For example, think of the Thriller genre, I’m sure there’s a few authors that immediately spring to mind. Now think Romance, and again I’m sure there’s some authors that come to your mind immediately. You mightn’t be competing in the big leagues that the big authors are writing in, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t stand out in the smaller niche that you do write in. – And if you aren’t, you can be guaranteed that someone else is doing it.

5 – You’ll Find Your Core Audience A Lot Easier – Not everyone likes to receive a daily email and because of that you’re probably going to piss some of your audience off. But that’s a good thing. Those people that left weren’t your core audience . Think of it like a jeweler working with a bland diamond has never been cut. Once she chips away it may be a little smaller, but it sure is more appealing to the eye.

The same as true of your daily emails, each email you’re sending out chips away at your audience and cuts out away the dead wood. The ones that stay what you are your “True fans” and love hearing from you on a regular basis. Because of that, these are going to be the readers that promote your work and get you more readers by word of mouth. These are also going to be the ones that jump at the opportunity of helping you with reviews and any promotion work you need done.

And there you have it not only why you should be building an email list, but five very good reasons that you should be emailing that list on a daily basis. Again if you can’t do it, I’d question your ability as an author.

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