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5 Things About People That Use Fake Email Addresses

5 Things About People That Use Fake Email Addresses
5 Things About People That Use Fake Email Addresses

…a long while back there was one thing that used to piss me off.

People who use fake email addresses to download your free gift or report.

Nowadays it doesn’t concern me.


Because you can tell a lot about someone that does that.

1 – They Don’t Trust Themselves – To me, it’s the equivalent of going on a date but telling your best friend to wait outside and get you in ten minutes. – You’ve got a habit of throwing yourself on people after two drinks, or going crazy on your credit card, and you need a wingman to whisk you away before that happens.

2 – They’re Freebie Hoarders – Like the folks on TV, that can’t swing a kitten around a room in their home, these digital hoarders have the same problem.  Nothing can be deleted for fear that it might be useful someday.  But like those folks in real life, they’ll have to face up to the fact that they’ve got a problem. – Those bottles of urine from six years ago have long passed their best before date.

3- They Like To Gamble But Only If It’s A Sure Bet – To these people, a landing page with a free product is like walking into a Vegas casino. The buzz of handing over an email address, without a chance of losing anything, gets their little pulse racing. – Doesn’t matter the size of the prize. As long they keep winning and don’t have to put their hand in their pocket, they’re ahead of the house.

4 – They’re Not Action Takers – If someone can’t scroll down to the bottom of an email and hit the unsubscribe link, you’ve got to wonder what other actions they wouldn’t be able to take in their business. If they can’t click a link, or have to tell you to click that link for them, it’s probably best you don’t cross paths.

5 – They Look At Their Real Email Address As Gollum Did With His Golden Ring – ‘No one’s going to get their hands on you, precious,’ they say as they look at their inbox.  What’s passed them by is that every email supplier gives you a spam folder. And if there’s even one email in there, it means that other people know about little precious too.

So as you can see, if you expand on those five things they’re not a person you want on your email list.

Someone who won’t take a chance, can’t do the smallest of actions, and takes care of an email address as if it’s their own flesh and blood.

Nah! – I think I’ll pass on those folks.

There can use all the fakery they want to get the goodies but we both know that’s as far as they’ll get. : )

They’re also the people that’ll never join as a member of WriteCome.

If they can’t take the risk of handing over an email address, the monthly membership will definitely have them running for the hills.

The people that’ll never read this email, are the folks that needed it the most. – Sigh!

Ah well… can’t save everyone. : )

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