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50 Things At 50 – Part 2

Today’s a continuation of yesterday’s post of 50 things I’ve discovered since I turned 50.

11 – You Can’t Please Everyone – Whatever you do, say, or write, you’ll find that someone won’t like you and what you do. That’s a problem that you can never solve. The worst you can do is focus on them and try to please them in some way. That’s a waste of your time and happiness. Focus on the people that do like you and spend all your time and mental energy there. 

12 – You Can’t Be A Prophet In Your Hometown – Don’t be surprised if the people around you are the least supportive of your dream. Most times it’s not that they don’t want the best for you, but when they’ve grown up with you they see you as ‘you’ and not the writer, podcaster, YouTuber, or coach that you do. If you do the work long enough don’t be surprised when they change their tune and rally behind you.

13 – A Daily Action Plan Can Get You Anywhere – The great wall of China was built one brick at a time. And it’s the same for a great life. It’s built one day at a time. Lay the best brick you can, and forget about how big the wall is ahead of you. One day you’ll stand back and be amazed at how much you’ve got done just by repeating your daily action plan over and over again.

14 – You Haven’t Scratched The Surface Of What You Can Do – There’s a lot more talent and capability in you than you realize. Back when I stacked shelves that’s all I thought I was good for. Since then I’ve written fiction, podcasted, and done hundreds of videos. And the same is true of you too. – You’re coasting and haven’t even scratched the surface of what you’re capable of doing. 

15 – Even ‘You’ Can Be A Hero To Someone – Just because you see yourself as nothing ordinary, doesn’t mean that others will. To some people you’re the blogger that inspires them, you’re their favourite author, or you’re the hero they want to be like. So never look at the thing you do, as just the thing you do, it might be the greatest thing in someone else’s life. 

16 – You’re The Worst Judge Of What You Do – That book you’re convinced is going to be a bestseller sometimes flops, and that YouTube video that makes you cringe sometimes goes off and become viral.  It’s readers that make books bestsellers and not authors. Nobody likes to release anything below par, but that idea you’re about to toss away could be the greatest thing you’ve ever done. Put it all out there and allow your audience to be the judge of what’s good and bad.

17 – Never Ask Advice From Someone That Hasn’t Done It – The worst thing you can do is ask a friend or family member if they think you can do a thing.  Most of the time they’ll say no. Not because they don’t want you to do that thing, but because they’ll look at that question through their own lens. – If they can’t see themselves being able to do it, then they’ll say that it’s not possible for you either.  Instead, look for people that have done that thing and ask them what you need to do to get there.

18 – Read, Watch, Or Listen To Inspiring Content Daily – When you’re surrounded by doom and gloom, negativity and people just going through the motions, it’s easy to get dragged down by it all. Because of that, it’s a must that you seek out great content that inspires you, motivates you, and makes you believe in yourself, on a daily basis. If you’re going to be a light in a sea of darkness you better make sure you’re keeping an eye on that flame of yours. 

19 – You’re Forgettable In The Great Scheme Of Things – If icons like Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon and Michael Jackson can be forgotten after one or two generations what are the chances that anyone is going to remember you and what you did? So if you’re going to disappear into the great mist of time, why not do your thing anyway? It’s not like anyone is going to remember you anyway?

20 – The Best Lessons Are Learned Outside The Classroom – The greatest things you learn about life, people, and what you do, happen outside the books, lessons, and teachings. It’s only there that you’ll learn what’s useful and what was a waste of time. You’ll learn more on the job than reading about the job. 

Stay tuned for part 3.