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50 Things At 50 – Part 5

We’re finally here, the last pieces of advice and things I’ve learned from going around the sun fifty times. 

41 – Network Marketing Wasn’t A Waste Of Time And Money – While you’re in it, you’ll look back at network marketing as a waste of time and money, but it wasn’t. If anything it was the only thing that wanted you to be more than you are. No other job ever inspired you to be like that. 

42 – Repurpose Your Content – Reuse all your content. Most people won’t see it the first time, or like the format you put it in. You could sit down and come up with something new, or you could get a headstart by using something you’ve already created. 

43 – Hearing ‘No’ Can Be The Best Thing For You – There will be times when girls will turn you down, you won’t get offered that job, and some things won’t work out like you want them to, that’s a good thing. – It’ll be tough at the time to accept but you’ll look back at some of those things and see them as a blessing than a disaster.

44 – Regret Is An Impossible Pill To Swallow – When you find out about James being sick, don’t listen to that voice that says not to go and see him because you’re scared. – You’ll regret that decision for years afterwards. It’s easy to say that you’re scared or you can’t do it, but the regret on the other side is far worse than a few moments of embarrassment. 

45 – You’re Going To Turn Into A Big Softie – There will come a time when the smallest thing will bring you to tears. – Even a TV ad. It can be embarrassing at times, but it’s better to be someone that has feelings than the robot. 

46 – Some People Don’t Want To Be Helped – Although you’ll want to help people, sometimes going out of your way to help them, you will find that some people don’t want to be helped. – Some people want help, and some people just want attention. Don’t be angry if they do the opposite of what you showed them, it’s their life after all. 

47 – Acceptance Is A Good Thing And A Bad Thing – You’ll never be as good looking as Morten Harket, no matter how much hairspray you use. As you’ll get older you’ll start to accept things that probably would have horrified you when you were younger. Acceptance is a good thing. But don’t allow it to make you lazy to think that you’ve done the best you can, that can’t achieve greater things, and this is as good as it gets. Accept what you have but keep pushing yourself.

48 – Having A Dog Is The Best Choice You’ll Ever Make – If there’s one thing that’s going to keep you in shape, help relieve your stress, and help you come up with content ideas, it’s going to be your dog. – They’ll also make you do that on days when you don’t want to do them.

49 – Impress Yourself Instead Of Trying To Impress Others – Ever notice that when we try and impress people it’s usually to the crowd that doesn’t care about us and that the credit we get is short-lived? Better to impress yourself and forget those people, you’ll feel better about yourself for much longer than those 5 seconds of fame. 

50 – Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously – Some people treat the world and life as seriously as a heart attack thinking it’s got more value when you do. But when you think of it, we’re stuck on a rock that’s spinning through space that we have no control over. – Don’t give back your life with it still wrapped up it’s packaging. Scars, bumps, and dents, are where the fun is. – One day we won’t be here and no one will ever care that you took it seriously, but you.

Thanks for following me through this series of posts. Hopefully, it’s helped you in some way. – Have a good one!

Now I’m off to go on a huge zip line this morning.  : )