52.38% Of You Had Trouble With This Last Year

…at the end of last year, I sent out a survey to the list asking if they happy with the way 2019 went.

The result was a 40/60 split in favour of not being happy.

The 52.38% I mentioned earlier, that was the answer to the question ..’What held you back in 2019?’

So what was the answer?

Lack of money?

Lack of skill?

Lack of confidence?


None of the above.

The answer was…’I know what to do, but haven’t taken action on what I know.’

Now I know one or two had problems finding time because of elderly parents, or family commitments.

But the rest?

I’d imagine if I got them on the phone, I’d get plenty of reasons ‘why’ they weren’t able to do it.

And they’d probably do as good a job of convincing me as they’ve done to themselves.

They’ve got valid reasons.

But are those reasons going to help them get to where they want to be?

No, because they’re looking for reasons ‘why’ they can’t get started.

It’s ‘Why’ they don’t have the time.

It’s ‘Why’ it’s too difficult to learn the stuff you need to learn.

It’s ‘Why’ the time just isn’t right.

All ‘Why’s’ taking them in the wrong direction of their dreams and goals.

Let me ask you…

…what would you say if I asked you to get on the treadmill and walk ten miles a day for the next thirty days?

Could you do it? Would you do it?

Now, what if I said that if you didn’t, I would eventually have to start amputating bodyparts because you were going to lose them because of your diabetes?

Think maybe you’d look at that treadmill in a new light? That each mile walked was going to push away any surgery
from happening?

Of course, you would.

Because your ‘Why’ has changed.

It’s not lukewarm anymore.

And the thought of putting on your walking shoes is something you look forward to.

Having a strong ‘Why’ could be what separates you from a bad year and a great year in 2020.

So what’s your ‘Why’?

Why are you even here on this list?

There must be a reason, so what is it?

If you haven’t worked out ‘Your Story’ you could have the greatest business handed to you tomorrow, and you’d
run it into the ground in a week.

Why? Because you’d no reason to keep it going. No reason to show up every day. And no reason not to quit when it got tough.

The greatest thing you can do for yourself this week is to work on your ‘Why.’

It’s the foundation under your business.

It’s the fuel in your tank.

And it’s all covered in ‘What’s Your Story.’

Why is it only a PayPal link?

Because I’m too busy to write a sales letter convincing you why you need to get it.

I could give you a truckload of reasons.

I could tell you that it’s a video course.

I could tell you that you’ll have a clear idea of why you’re doing what you’re doing.

And I could tell you that it’ll keep you going when times get tough.

But you’ll probably look at that link and convince yourself ‘why’ you don’t need it.

What’s Your Story.’

Barry J McDonald.

PS – So what’s your why?