7 Ways To Tell If You’re A ‘Bimbo’ Writer

…the first one would be, the amwriting hashtag. If you’re taking time off to post that little beauty all over social media, well, you ain’t writing. #AmWastingTime #AmLookingForAttention would probably be better ones to choose.

Two, you’ve heard about the whole ‘build an email list of readers’ but you don’t have time for that nonsense. That book of yours is going to be so good that Amazon’s algorithms are going to carry that baby all the way to the top spot.

Three, you’ve got an excuse for never getting anything done. The seats too hard. The dog’s looking at you funny. You’ve got to post #amwriting Or shoot down that ‘amaetuer’ in your favorite Facebook group. All of that’s more important that actually doing your daily word count.

Four, it’s the traditionally published book way or nothing at all. Because, well, those folks that are self publishing, that’s too easy an option. It’s either got to be expensive, complicated, or involve kissing someone’s ass to call yourself an author.  Anything else just isn’t writing ‘darling.’

Five, you’re more interested in writing than that ‘marketing your book’ lark. Again Amazon’s algorithms going to sent that baby to number one. Never realizing that marketing your books are as important as writing them. But the traditional book guys will have you covered, right?

Six, you’ll write one book and leave it at that. You don’t need a sequel, prequel, or spin off series to go with your book. You’ve just written the greatest American novel, that’s enough, right?

And seven, you only see your book as that, ‘a book.’ You never consider how bigger your book could be. The t-shirts, the board game, the coffee cups, the cushions, the towels, the iPad cases….

….ah well, I guess it’s only George RR Martin that can get away with that kinda stuff.

PS – Oh, and the ‘Bimbo’ bit, that’s the Japanese word for poverty.

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