8 Places To Go To When You’re Doing A Free Book Promotion

8 Places To Go To When You're Doing A Free Book Promotion
LisetteBrodey / Pixabay

Starting out as a new author, or one with very little exposure, you’re going to have to go down the freebie and giveaway route. You might have spent the last two weeks, two months, toiling and sweating over your new creation, but hard as it may seem to do so, you should consider giving it away free to gain some exposure.

Unfortunately, “Free goes far,” and it’s going to take you further than the small circle you’re going to go to using only a paid book. Although you will find some people that will never consider paying for any further books you may have, you will get your book in front of others that will. These are the ones you want.

Once you’ve grown that group to a big enough size to support you, you can cut back on giving away your books in the future. So, for now where can you go to? Here’s 8 places to get started.

1 – www.Google.com – If you’re looking for places to giveaway your book, you’ll find a wealth of places to go to on Google. While all mightn’t have the audience or traffic that some of the following may have, you can never be in enough places to get known. Search using the search term free kindle book, book giveaway, or free book to get the ball rolling.

2 – www.Facebook.com – After Google, Facebook is now the second option most people go to when considering giveaways. To find groups you can give your book away in, simply type in the keywords, free kindle book, free eBook, free amazon kindle eBooks, or any combination of those words. You can also let the search box complete your search term and give you extra ones you can use. When posting to Facebook groups pay attention to the content in the group. If it’s authors promoting to fellow authors, it’s not the one you want. It’s better to find a group of readers that actually are looking for books instead.

3 – www.Goodreads.com – There’s a good reason Amazon purchased this site and it’s for the audience that hangs out there. Filled with members who are passionate about what they read, you can find a busy forum and discussion area on the site. It could be the only place you’ll need to go to build a following.

4 – www.Librarything.com – For anyone who’s purchased my Cheap children’s book system, will know how I used it for getting reviews for my books (it’s worth purchasing my course for this info alone), but you can also use it for what’s intended for and that’s sharing your love of books. Sign up, get mingling, and go find your audience.

5 – www.Reddit.com – While not an obvious place to go to. You will find a lot of Reddit users looking for books to read and recommendations. Use the term “book” in the search box to find the subreddits groups that you can share your book with.

6 – www.Pinterest.com – Covering a wealth of products, hobbies, art and fashion, Pinterest also has boards that advertise free book. To find them use the search term, “free kindle books” or “free books”. Once you’ve found popular ones with plenty of followers you can contact each board owner to see if they’d be interested in posting your book cover to their page.

7 – Blogs – You can never have enough online friends, especially when it comes to book promotions and giveaways. Reach out to blog owners in your niche and ask if they’d be interested to contacting their followers about your free book. You could offer your services through the help of a guest blog post and get a link to your free book in the resource or signature area of the post.

8 – www.Kindlepreneur.com – While not a book giveaway site as such, I highly recommend you go to Dave Chesson’s site even if it’s for this blog post alone https://kindlepreneur.com/list-sites-promote-free-amazon-books/ Filled with 127 places to promote your books to, Dave gives in depth detail of costs, what each site will and won’t accept, and what you get for your submission cost. This is one page you’ll want to bookmark for future visits.