9 Chrome Plugins Every Facebook User Should Know About

1 – Advanced Search For Facebook – (ASF)

Click Here To Add Advanced Search For Facebook Plugin.

A bit stalkerish in my opinion, but if you want to see what someone you follow on Facebook is getting up to, this is the plugin for you.

As you can see from the image above, once you install the plugin, you can see what events, friends, pages and posts your ‘friend’ had been liking and adding their thoughts to on Facebook.

2 – Toolkit For Facebook

Click Here To Add Toolkit For Facebook Plugin.

Fed up of the people you’re following? Then this is the plugin for you. Toolkit For Facebook allows you to unfollow your friends enmass, reject all friend requests, delete all comments, and a host of other things at the click of a button.

All you’ve got to do it download the plugin and you can say ‘Bye bye’ forever.

3 – Facebook Invite All

Click Here To Add Facebook Invite For All Plugin.

Got a page or an event you’d like to send a lot of love to? Then add Facebook Invite To All to your copy of Google Chrome. Once you do, you’ll be able to send a ‘Like’ request to all of your friends with one click.

4 – Facebook QSearch

Click Here To Add QSearch Plugin

Looking for a post on your own Facebook timeline or someone else’s? Then add QSearch to Chrome and put an end to the frustration of scrolling through post after post until you find the one you want.

5 – New Tools and Design

Click Here To Add New Tool And Designs

Want the ability to change the appearance of Facebook to your own taste? Fed up of all the distractions? Want an auto scroll button too? Then download your copy of New Tools And Designs and put it to use for you today.

6 – Intelligence Search

Click Here To Add Intelligence Search Plugin

Want the ultimate Facebook search tool? Add Intelligence Search to Chrome and now you’ll be able to do targeted searches on Facebook for finding people, pages, groups, photos, etc by applying different filters like location, job, like, friends or anything else you choose. If they’re on Facebook you’ll find them.

7 – Conscious

Click Here To Add Conscious Plugin

Worried you’ve got a little bit of a Facebook addiction? Then add Conscious to your copy of Chrome. Now only does it keep count/and tell you how many times you visit Facebook each day, but you can also block Facebook when you visit the page more times than you should.

8 – The Flash Video Downloader

Click Here To Add The Flash Video Downloader

Found a great video on Facebook that you’d like to keep or watch offline? Then add this great video downloader to your copy of Chrome and fill your hard drive with your favorite video content.

9 – Messenger Cleaner

Click Here To Add Messenger Cleaner Plugin

Is your Facebook messenger jam packed with old messages you’d like to see gone? Then download the messenger plugin. Messenger Cleaner lets you to delete all your Facebook messages(including group messages) by one click without having to delete one by one.

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