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A 7,000 Year ‘Doh!’ Moment

…being top of the food chain, we like to clap ourselves on the back and marvel at how amazing we are.

But, sometimes the most obvious things are right in front our eyes and we never see them. – Take sheep as an example.

You’d think that if you’d been caring for an animal for 7,000 years that maybe you’d wonder about the curly stuff it’s covered in.

But that’s how long it took for us to put two and two together and realize what we were missing out on.

I had my own ‘doh!’ moment when I came up with the idea for my Clever Coloring Creations course.

Like most people, I was buying PLR coloring book images and only using them once.

That all changed when I asked myself the most obvious of questions – ‘How can I get more use out of these?’


‘What can I do so I never have to rely on buying PLR images again?’

Here’s the answer.

PS – Common sense isn’t very common… any Russian dash-cam videos lately?

Nuff said.

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