A Bare Wall, A Table Tennis Bat, And A Ping Pong Ball

…back when I was in secondary school, our English teacher decided that he wanted to bring table tennis to our school. – Little did he know the chaos it would cause.

Two weeks later, anyone on route to the prefab, where the two tables were housed in, was liable to get run over in the lunch time stampede. .

We turned from a group that knew very little about the sport, to fanatics. – At one stage I witnessed a guy punch his hand through a pane of glass because he lost a game.

It was almost ‘Fight Club’ crazy.

But unlike Fight Club and it’s rules, we only had one. You won the game, you stayed on the table  until you  got beaten.

No arguments.

Which for me, meant I was lucky to last beyond one game. – So, I knew I needed to get better.

But when you don’t have a table at home, and can hardly stay on long enough to get better, how do you improve?

The solution, came in the form of a bare wall (in our soon to be renovated front room), a table tennis bat, and a ping pong ball.

And so began Barry’s training regime.

Hitting a ball against an uneven wall, and then trying to recover it before it hit the floor, with another swing of my bat.

I did this day after day, week after week.

My only companion, the latest album from A-ha, which I played on the record player over and over again.

And after a while I good at it. So good in fact, I could tell exactly without looking, where the ball was as it came off the wall.

Later, the real skills kicked in and I could swerve and curve the ball on command. And finish my imaginary opponent with a slam shot I knew no one could return.

Fast forward a few weeks, and they couldn’t keep me off the tables. My signature move, was putting a sickening side spin on the ball, and watch my opponent go diving in vain after it.

Ah…….happy days.

Thing is….

….some folks will tell you you need the best equipment to get ahead.

That you need to purchase courses that are a month’s mortgage in price.

Fact is, if you’ve got the desire to get better, and are willing to do the work, the basics can get you there.

But you’ve got to work them, daily if possible.

Go back a few years, and I’d say my emails weren’t as good as they are now.

But I’m here everyday, working on my side spin, and still hitting that little ball against the wall. And, I think I’m returning more than my fair share of shots.

Maybe you’d like to do that too?

Maybe you’d like the ability to come up with a daily email idea, and have a message go out to your followers. – One that they’ll actually read.

If you would, then you’ll like this course from Sean Mize that I got my hands on.

It’s called ‘Email Writing For Beginners’

An hour in length, I think it’s worth far more than what I’m charging for it.

Once you go through it you’ll be able to come up with email ideas at the drop of a hat….and good ones too. Ones that people look forward to getting.

There’s no sales letter for this, hence the low price. But if you worked this system every day, you’d stand head and shoulders above your competition.

Want to write engaging emails to your audience?

Then go here.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – I’m taking it down in a few days time, because it is that good. And if you can’t get your purchase price out of this…you’ve got bigger problems than just losing a few dollars.

WriteCome members, you’ll find this little beauty in the member’s area right now.

For everyone else, once it’s gone, it’s gone for good.