A Cow Walked Into An Empty Pasture

…once upon a time there was a herd of hungry cattle walking down a country lane. Coming to a fork in the road, the ones at the front saw a lush pasture filled with knee high grass and raced toward it, their minds filled with thoughts of filling their bellies to bursting point.

However, there was a straggler, who looking at the now filled pasture, took the less impressive pasture to the right. – The grass was only ankle high, but he at least wouldn’t be competing with anyone there.

Sylvester Stallone knew he wouldn’t get a movie deal, so he wrote his own movie.

Bruce Lee returned to Hong Kong when he wasn’t getting movies deals in the US.

And ole Arnie, who, when looking for a vehicle to get to the US, avoided the common route other Austrians were using, and opted for the lesser known bodybuilding career path.

Like the herd earlier, you could stay in pastures where you’re only getting the tiniest of opportunities and cash, or you could go where others aren’t going.

A new fiction writer could easily build a following writing content just for their blog. – That’s how the book ‘The Martian’ came about.

Or go offline, and write a weekly short story for their local paper and build an audience that way.

And that’s  just two examples for what writers can do. Low content creators can easily do the same.  A prime example of that is something I read by Dan Kennedy.

He told of a frustrated wife that had lost her patience with her husband for not following through on marketing advice given to him. Their dentistry business was dying on its feet and things didn’t look good.

Given the idea of taking control of things, one of the things she put into place was creating a coloring book for their business. Which not only entertained the kids in the waiting room, but was free advertising when the book was
taken home.

There’s empty pastures everywhere, if you put on your thinking cap.

Thing is, most people are lazy and don’t like to think, or take action on those thoughts.

That laziness is your opportunity.

Now, I haven’t seen those coloring books that lady made, but had she got a copy of my super simple coloring book, God know where their business would be right now.

Super Simple Coloring Books.

Wonder how many offline businesses would love to have a regular coloring book of their own?