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A Lazy…But Great Idea By Disney

A Lazy...But Great Idea By Disney
A Lazy…But Great Idea By Disney

…if there’s one show I’m really digging on Disney +, it’s the Marvel ‘What If…?’ show.

What they do is take a well-known Marel character and look at their life through a different lens.

What if things happened in the wrong order?

What if this didn’t happen?

What if someone else got that superpower.

The best one I’ve seen so far is Dr. Strange’s one.

The premise…What if he didn’t lose the power of his hands, but lost the love of his life?

And whilst it’s a cartoon, it’s painful watching a man go back in time, again and again, trying to undo a tragedy that happens to him.

And while I’ve never suffered anything like that it did make me wonder.

What if I never decided to write my first kid’s fiction book?

What if my ghostwriter did show up, did write the book, and I wasn’t left with that big decision to do it myself?

What if my wife didn’t tell me to take a chance on it?

What path would I be on now?

Would I still be working in that store stacking those shelves?

Would I have created any of my digital products?

Would there even be an email list right now with me speaking to you?

Something to ponder, right?

That, one decision, could make a big difference in your life?

That that one decision could lead you to places you never thought possible.

Sometimes the greatest things can happen with just a small decision.

“I’m gonna do this, I don’t care if no one else believes in me. I’m doing it!”

What if you wrote that fiction book?

What if you worked on your first digital product?

What if you turned a deaf ear to the critics, and put the type of content you think would make people’s lives better.

What if?

What if?

What If?