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A Lesson You Can Learn From The ‘Barcode’ People

…in Japan, they have a term for people that try to cover their baldness with a combover…..’Barcode men.’

Now, while I’ve never been to Japan, I’ve seen many the Irish version of it.

Which look OK in calm weather, but come a good gust of wind and it’s free and clear, flapping ridiculously
on the side of their head.

That’s like a lot of Internet marketers right now.

The rented homes, the hired sports cars, and the bling that that lifestyle is supposed to have provided them with
is gone now, showing off that huge bald spot underneath.

A business without a foundation.

An email list they’ve got no relationship with.

And so top-heavy, it could have been tripped up with the smallest of pebbles.

Now that’s it exposed for all to see, you’ve got to wonder how sound that advice was they were giving.

Me, I’m a happy little bunny right now.

I’ve still got a membership site, that’s growing every month.

A website who’s traffic is continuing to grow.

And a vault filled with products I own and control. – And actually give you the results I promise they would.

This isn’t to brag, but just to remind you that none of that existed a few years ago.

It was built on one email at a time, one subscriber at a time, and one product at a time.

No magic, no pixie dust, and no fairy Godmother in the side wing.

How I did the majority of it, is laid out in ‘5 Ways To Make Money From Other People’s Effort, Research and Products’ my latest report in the WriteCome membership area.

In 25 pages I show you…

  • What to do
  • How to do it
  • What I would do
  • And the tools I’d use.

For those that really get it, and work it, you could be building something concrete right now.

I’ve kept the price low until 8pm UK time tonight, as a favour to those that helped me.

After that, and if a sales letter ever comes about, you’ll never see it priced so low ever again.

Here’s how to get your copy

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Or you could wait for your favourite Ferrari driving guru to come back to you.

I’m sure he’ll have a good excuse for his absence.  🙂