A Little Girl Asked Her Mom, “Where Do Humans Come From?”

…Her mom answered, “God made Adam and Eve and they had children and that’s who we all descend from.”

A few days later the girl asked her dad the same question. Her dad answered, “Many years ago there were monkeys from which people evolved.”

The confused girl returned to her mother and said, “Mom, how is it possible that you told me the people were created by God, and Dad said people evolved from monkeys?”

Her mom answered, “Well, dear, it’s very simple: I told you about my side of the family, and your father told you about his.”
Ever have one of those moments when you hear your mouth say something, but your mind is screaming the opposite?

Did it two days ago.

A cousin of ours is heading off on holidays, but couldn’t get their dog into a kennel because he doesn’t have all of his shots.

“Barry will you take him?”

“Sure why not?” Inside my head, I’m screaming “Are you serious? No way.”

And now two day’s later we’ve got a dog that’s literally like a ferret on speed. Both in appearance and nature.

Yesterday he ran up Catherine’s leg and ended up on her head. Literally. I know she’s only 5ft 2 and closer to the ground than I am, but any dog that can do that should have his own channel on YouTube.  

Best part is, he’s staying for ten days and not the seven I thought he was. Oh, and the icing on the cake, we also agreed to mind the neighbours dog while they go on holiday.

So to say the McDonald household is starting to resemble a dog’s home is an understatement.

I pity any burglar who decides that our home looks like an easy target this week.

I’m also guarding my laptop charging lead like it’s part of me. Because Murphy’s Law and all.

So what’s today’s email about?

Honestly, I couldn’t tell you.  Other than maybe watch what you agree to. Sometimes it’s fun to shoot from the hip and try something new that you wouldn’t normally do.

And sometimes it’s better to answer someone in sign language. Because then at least you have a chance to think about what you’re saying.

Like….”Are you serious, for ten days?”

But then we all do crazy stuff for family.

I’d look at the WriteCome site as a little bit like family, and maybe fudge.

Mostly sweet….but there’s a few nuts.

Just kidding! just kidding!

Now where did I put that Hannibal Lector mask?