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A Loss Is Still A Win

A Loss Is Still A Win
A Loss Is Still A Win

…ever have one of those moments when something you do just flops?

Or maybe you’re going through a streak of failures right now?

Everything you put your hand to….well…it’s like you’ve bought a one-way ticket to failure town and the bus ain’t stopping.

I’ve been there.

Worn many of those t-shirts.

But here’s the thing…

…even though you may think you’re the biggest failure, the person you are right now isn’t the same one that started the journey.

I’ll explain.

Say, you started writing fiction but couldn’t sell a book to anyone other than good ole mom.

You might say that’s a failure.

But, is that true?

The fact that you sat down and completed a book is something that the majority of people will never do.

Throw in, that you probably had to learn about plotting, storytelling,  and character creation to write that book, means you have those skills in your back pocket now.

Which could be carried over into more entertaining emails, if you went in that direction.

Or it could be carried over into better blog writing.  So you’re not one of those bloggers that’s as exciting to read as magnolia paint.

Or it could lead to better videos because you now know how to grab someone’s attention with a great intro.

My list of failures is numerous.

Blogs, websites, digital products, fiction books, puzzle books, I could go on and on.

But each one taught me something.

And all of those skills, knowledge, and experience are now in my back pocket.

And that’s what I want you to keep in mind.

Yeah, you failed.

Yeah, it flopped.

But if we sat down with a pen and paper, I’m sure we could find a list of new skills and experience that you now have.

A loss is never a loss, because you always come away with something from it. – Always.

So here’s to your next loss, because what you’re about to learn could be just the piece in the puzzle you’ve been looking for.

Keep going.

As I heard someone say, you’ve only got to get it right once.

Just once. – That’s it.

So how about you take all that experience and throw it into another attempt?

Have a good one! 

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