“A Man Got In A Car And Went…Woo!”

…I’ve always been envious of people that have a talent, or know exactly where their life is going from an early age.

Take my son, Oisin. From the moment he could make a noise, he had music coming out of him. – Even the nursery teachers used to smile when he left to go to the toilet. Because once he was alone, his little voice could he heard humming or singing from the cubicle.

For him, music is always there for him. If he was to pursue it.


I never really had anything like that.

Sure, I could doodle and sketch, but I was never felt like I was good enough to go further with it.

And over the years it’s been like that with a lot of things.

I can do stuff, but I never had anything grip me and say ‘This is your calling!’  –  Voiced by Sean Connery to make the moment even more dramatic – but nothing stood out for me.

And for the longest time I used to wonder what I’m here for? – Reading a load of self help stuff over the years made me even more paranoid about that question.

What was I here for?

It was only recently when I went through Dan Merideth’s ‘Core Story’ course that I started to piece things together…it’s story.

Story has always been with me all my life.

That cryptic subject line from today’s email was my first ever story. I used to sit on my parent’s bed and tell them that same story over and over again.

‘A man got into a car and went Woo!’

Cute, but lacking a good storyline.

Then later, as I got older and played with my trucks and toys, I spent many an hour with ‘Petey Malone and John Murphy’ and their trucking business. – Who these men were, I haven’t a clue? And maybe my father did too, as he spent a lot of time on the road and was away from home for long periods of time. 🙂

After that, it progressed to TV and movies.

Traveling the roads with my father in his truck, I spent many an hour going into the complete storyline of a TV show or movie he missed, and breaking it down into minute detail.

Something Catherine loves me for. – Not!

It’s usually a….’Barry, just tell me how it ends…Oh why did I even ask?’

But for some reason I can’t shorten it.

I can’t leave out pieces.

Or speed it along.

It’s got to be told in full, because anything less doesn’t feel right to me.

I know what you’re thinking right now…’Sweet Jesus I wish he would wrap this thing up too! –  You love story, get over it!’


….that’s probably why I got into self publishing.

I thought it was for the money and the freedom, but I think that I needed to tell my stories.

The kids books, the adult fiction, and now the stories in my emails.

It’s always been that way, and I never noticed it until now. – Slow learner or what?

Maybe you’re the same too.

Maybe you’ve got a tale or two that you’d love to get off your chest. – One that takes place on other worlds or other times.

If so, you don’t even need to write them anymore.

You just come up with the story, and let someone else do the hard work, putting it down on paper.

How do you do it? Walk right this way.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – “So, did you ever hear the story about this guy that got into a car…..”

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