A Man That Broke Down A Lot Of Mental Hurdles For Everyone

…whether you saw the movie Chariots of Fire or know the name Roger Bannister, you probably know his achievement.

He was the first person in the world to run a mile under 4 minutes.

Before that, the herd thinking was that it couldn’t be done, our bodies weren’t able to cope with the exertion, etc.

Then Roger got the notion in his head that he could do it, and proved his point.

Funny thing is, once he did it, his record was broken by numerous people the month after.

And thus became a story that’s used by  motivational speakers all over the world.

Roger Bannister never became a big name in running, and focused on his medical profession instead, but his achievement will live on long after his death.

Same goes with the self publishing business. Every day writers and publishers are breaking records that the die hard traditional publisher said couldn’t be done.

What about you? What do you believe can’t be done?

Are you sure? Because there’s probably someone out there already doing.

Maybe something to keep in mind.


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RIP – Roger Bannister.