A Man That’s Broken Millions Of Hearts

…and no, it’s not Donald Trump.

Although some people jump to the Trump answer for everything.

No, it’s an Irishman called William McCrum.

Just the other day he broke every Russians heart and probably boosted the population of Croatia in the same moment.


He created the penalty kick.

Unless you’re not a fan of ‘football,’ you’ve not held your breath as this year’s World Cup has played out in Russia.

For some footballers it can be the thing that makes them. For others, no matter how skilled they are, it can be the thing you’ll always been remembered for.

Because there’s nothing more memorable than watching a millionaire, crack under the pressure and send his shot into the twentieth row of the stadium – where his father sits, wondering for a moment if he should disown him.

But it was a local goalkeeper (yep, just down the road) who in 1890, came up with the idea of spotlighting goalkeepers and getting his own back on footballers.

And this past few weeks, along with the new video referee, has been the two of the highlights of this year’s tournament.

The same holds true for your books and their covers.

You may be selling digital products, but that doesn’t mean a flat book cover will amaze your audience.

You’ve got to make them visualise that book on their Kindle, their iPhone, or what it looks like as a paperback.

Because if you don’t, any chance of a sale can go whistling over the crossbar and you never even know.

A good book cover can make or break a book.

A good 3D mock-up, well that’s a whole different ball game altogether.

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Hmmmm, a blog post with Trump and Russia in it, I wonder how many security people have just sat up and took notice of this in the U.S?

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