A Piece Of Advice For The Rubble Builders

…today you’ve got a building block in your hands.

And you’ve got a choice in what you can do with it.

– Toss in on the rubble with all the other wasted days.

– Build something with it.

If you’re honest, which most of us aren’t with ourselves, you’ve got a bigger pile of rubble than anything built.

We toss away days like we’re going to live forever.

That’ll always be an unlimited number of blocks for whatever we want to do in the future.

Instead of realizing that one day all that’ll be left to represent us is what we put together while we were here.

And for some of us, that’s going to be a huge pile of rubble than anything else.

The successful on the other hand build rather than waste.

They work on what they want to do now, and if there’s time left over freewheel to the finish line.

We on the other hand do the opposite. – We coast until we’re told the trip is almost over and then pump our little legs to make up for the lost time.  And if we can’t get it done, complain that we didn’t have enough time.

So what’ll it be today?

Build something with the block you’ve been given, or toss it away on the pile.

Our biggest problem is that we see a day as just that. – One day.

And what difference can one day make? Forgetting that like a line of X’s marked out on a calendar, each builds on the day before like compound interest.

A week from now, we could be in better health.

A month from now, we could have a book written and published.

A year from now, if you walked 4 miles a day, would have you 1460 miles from home.

And all it took was giving up smoking each day, writing your book each day, and going for a leisurely walk each day.

The rubble builders scratch their heads at what we’ve done, thinking that to get to where we got to, took some type of superpower to achieve.

Instead of realizing that you simply did it with the building blocks you’d been given.

So what’ll today be? – A block used or a block tossed away.

I realized that anything really is possible given time, and not listening to the excuses you tell yourself. If you’d like to know how I went from stacking shelves to writing fiction books, podcasting, and creating and selling my own digital products go to https://www.WriteCome.com now.