A Question And A Deadline

…what’s the question?

It’s this…

What’s a problem that no one’s solving?

Now, that may be a problem you have, or one your target market has.

So what is it?

Answer that question, and you can tap into an income stream no one else is, or even knows about.

Take for example, some of the stuff I put together…

When I created the picture book course, I didn’t have that question in mind, but I did come up with a way for anyone to create a pretty decent picture book.

Same with the super simple coloring book course. – You didn’t need to be able to draw to create a pretty good coloring book.

Character building seemed like a big chore for the fiction folk. That was until I gave them 26 simple questions they could ask themselves to build a living, breathing, character.

Email writing? That’s as easy as combining a life lesson, story from the news, a quote, and you’ve got an entertaining email that folks take action on.

Coloring book images? The vector image courses puts more than enough coloring book images into even a novices hands in seconds.

Even an idea, that Jean remarked on today, came about from using a simple option in ‘Word’ that can churn out unique books in seconds.

All of that’s at the lowest price it’s ever going to be.

But that’s changing in the next few hours.

Come 8pm UK time today, the monthly membership fee for WriteCome is going to be $97.

It’s never coming back down.

Why? Because each month it’s getting bigger and bigger with more money making knowledge begin added.

And even at $97 it’s a steal at this price.

The price now…well….it’s ridiculously priced.

Most people pay their hairdresser, or coffee shop this per month for something they’ll never get any return on.

I’m changing the PayPal link soon.

It’s $67 now….but once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Whether you join or not, that question up there is worth thinking over in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Find the problem, make the solution.