A Rolling Stone Makes More Bucks.

…”They say that an object in motion tends to stay in motion, while an object at rest tends to stay at rest. And brother, that is so true. I need to just start putting one foot in front of the other again. One step, one thing, one day at a time.

Keep it coming, keep it real. Tnx.” – Jim E

Jim’s so right with his words up there. The easiest way to keep going is to simply……keep going.

Once you lift your foot off the gas and come to a rolling stop, it takes more effort and energy to get back up to speed again. Far more than it does to keep going.

That’s one thing I’ve found writing these daily emails. The odd day I take off, can easily run into another day, and then another day ….and before you know it, that long chain is broken and I have to put in more effort to get back in the saddle.

The easiest bit is to show up each day, do my work, and keep the wheels turning.

What about you?

This year is almost in the home straight right now…so what have you got to show for it?

Still standing in that pile of rubble you were in in January time, or have you put down a few bricks each day building that writing/publishing business of yours?

Going back from today’s date to January 1…you’ve had 232 days.

One day and thirty three weeks.

How are you going to spend the rest of it?

You’ve got 134 days left.

I plan to still be writing my emails using this.

PS – That’s another 134 pieces of content on the WriteCome site. I might even get another few of these sweet comments along the way…

“I have had a million ideas just from reading your emails and your blog” – Mike.