A Secret Santa Story That Made Me Laugh…

…well, two actually.

The first was about a woman who went all out to give the perfect secret Santa gift. Smiling, as she watched her’s being opened, she looked on in horror at what she received……a bag of beef jerky….and a huge jar of pickles.

…to make matter worse, she dropped the pickles on the way out, and left her workplace reeking of vinegar.

(Had to be a man who bought it.)

The second, was about a guy who was a bit full of himself. Looking to take him down a peg or two, his secret Santa
bought him a bottle of dish soap, and a packet of toilet roll.

Opening his ‘present’ in front of his workmates, he read out the note attached, ‘You’ll know what this is in relation to.’

For weeks later, he wondered what the message meant.

Dish soap and toilet roll?

Seems it didn’t mean anything, and they were just two random things that were bought to mess with his head.

Which they did. 🙂

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It’s so good, I’d planned on keeping this tool to myself. 🙂

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