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A Sneaky Way To Sell More Books

…”Nobody took me seriously until I put on a mask.”
Bane – Dark Knight Rises.

Like Bane said so well in the Batman movie, oftentimes people don’t pay much attention to you until you do something that separates you from the crowd.

While you don’t have to go as far as wear a balaclava, or a gas mask – like Bane did, doing something to make you appear different from everyone else can make people take you more seriously.

‘How do I do that?’ you’re wondering.

Write a book.

As you probably heard me mention this week, I’m going through the book, “Book The Business – How To Make Money From Your Book Without Selling A Copy.”

And as you’re probably well aware, people pay more attention to folks who are published authors. – Radio, Television, and the press do too.

Not only do they treat you as an expert, but compared to calling cards, brochures, and press releases, a paperback version of your book will open more doors – not be seen as salesy – and be a better form of advertisement than anything else you do.

A Facebook ad is gone in a second, a PDF can be downloaded and forgotten in five minutes. A paperback though, is a different matter altogether. Paperbacks are rarely tossed in the bin, and if not read, get given away to someone else or end up in a charity shop for some other prospect to find it.

Now, if you’ve already written and published a book, a paperback version of your book – in the right hands – will probably do a lot more for you than the digital version.

But what if you’re not in the fiction/non-fiction game? What if you’re doing puzzle books, adult coloring books and the like, does that mean it’s not open to you too?

Far from it. You’ve just got to think outside the box.

A puzzle book publisher could write a non fiction book on how to stay mentally alert up to old age – with a helpful sprinkling of links back to your puzzle book website.

An adult coloring book creator could write a book on stress relief and non medication ways to reduce it, again with plenty of links to your books inside it.

Either of the above could get you space in the local press, on podcasts, blogs, or anywhere else you send it to. All of which means you get eye balls on you and you alone.

Or, you could just stick to just the digital version of your books and fight it out in the Amazon Kindle store. The choice is yours.

Oh and if you’re looking for more ways to sell books, take a digital step over to here.