A Tip For The Easily Distracted

…while I’m not a big follower of the Chinese year, hence me having to Google 2019 and find out it’s the year of the pig, there’s no reason why you can’t use the same idea to help you and your business.

Now, before I go further, this idea came from Mike Kim, an interviewee on the Ray Edwards podcast. 

Back a few years, Mike wanted to build a platform for himself and his business. But rather than what most of us do, he didn’t run off in ten different directions trying to do ten different things.

He only focused on one.

That year he named as the ‘Year Of The Blog.’

And so for 12 months, he solely focused on blogging and nothing else. When that started to get traction, he moved onto his next step….podcasting.

That year then became the ‘Year Of The Podcast.’

And because he’d put in a solid twelve months of blogging, that habit stayed with him while he worked on building his podcast.

The following year it was something else.

Now five years on, people on the outside think he’s super human for all he’s able to do, but what they didn’t see is the slow process it took to get there.

There’s no reason why you can’t do the same.

What if you spend 12 months just concentrating on building an email list? – Nothing else, just list building.

What if it was Facebook? Instagram? Pinterest? Fiction? Blogging? Coloring books? Planners?

Or whatever you’re weak at…or want to get better at.

In 12 months you’d be a expert at what you do.

Know something about experts?….They make the most money.

Picking one thing also clears away all the other shiny objects you can get distracted by.

Because if it’s outside your area, why would you buy it?

So…..what’s your year going to be?

You could use one of these and get good at it for the rest of the year.