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A Turd In Glitter…Is Still A Turd

A Turd In Glitter...Is Still A Turd
A Turd In Glitter…Is Still A Turd

…as you probably heard Facebook is changing its name.

But for those that hate it, it ain’t going to make a difference.

Plus having an owner that looks and sounds like an android doesn’t help.

And that’s the thing about trust, once you lose it, you lose it.

A lot of folks online never get that point.

You can rename, rebrand, slap up a fancy website, and it still won’t work.

Now, I’m no expert at social media, the numbers on my accounts prove that.

But it’s not just Facebook that’s got a dodgy smell.

While the others might stand and point the finger, most don’t promote all goodness and light to their followers.  – There’s no money in it.

It’s like something the great Randy Gage said one time, a politician can’t provide anything to a man/woman that’s happy and got money in the bank.

It’s the broke, the unhappy, the ones that feel stepped on, that he rubs his hands at seeing.

Same with social media.

The folks that are happy, busy, not looking for public validation, aren’t on there.

Does that mean I won’t use them?

Nah, I’ll always post content there….to catch someone’s eye every now and then.

But my site is home.

That’s the only place I control.

Everywhere else, I’m depending on an AI or algorithm to give me a favorable nod.

And that’s for a minute, until it’s buried under more content.

So do with all that what you want.

But the takeaway.

Build a name people trust, and build a site you own.

That’s your homework for the day.

Need help with content creation? Or building your own little patch on the Internet?

I’d go here. 

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