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‘A Wife Started Doing Her Make Up As Soon As She Woke Up…

… Her husband asked the reason why.

She replied, “I’ve locked my phone with facial recognition. And it’s not recognizing me without makeup.’


…I know a few women who could be the subject of that joke.

In one case, one lady apologized to me that she wasn’t wearing her makeup.

The best part of the story…

…she was shuffling up and down the maternity ward in the early stages of labor.

To me, that was the last thing on my mind…who cared what she looked like? She was about to give birth.

Too many of us care too much what others think. Or are doing.

Take the other day when I was surfing the net, I ended up checking out some friends on Facebook.

They were all living wonderful lives and they were all friends with each other.

…Not one had ever sent me a friend request.

For the briefest moment I felt hurt by it. Some of the people had been close school friends.

Maybe you’re the same when it comes to your books.

Everyone seems to be doing the best, making thousands, and have billions of social media followers.

And you’re chugging away posting another workbook, or a few t-shirts and your life looks dismal compared to it.

Nowadays, it’s not social acceptable to say you’re having a sh1t day or God forbid, that your wrote a book that was a flop.

There’s not as many people winning as you think they are.

Not everyone’s just written a bestseller.

And some day’s…I think I’m the biggest fraud that ever hit the web, and don’t have confidence in what I’m doing.

So if you’re questioning yourself, being ignored on social media, or waiting to be found out…I’m hear to tell you that we’re all going through it.

Some of us are just more truthful about it than others.

I’m hear to tell you that you don’t need to wear your make up every day. Even in emails to your list.

Be yourself. And be human.

We’re all just doing our best.

Keep at it. There’s only one person you’re in competition with…yourself.

Everyone else doesn’t matter.

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