Adults Say The Craziest Things

…growing up in Ireland, we had a TV called ‘Kids say the funniest things.’  I’m sure it was a knock-off a set-up from another country, but we as a family would watch as kids gave away all the family secrets live (well, recorded) on TV.

‘Did you hear that?’ I’d remark occasionally, looking back over my shoulder to my mother and father. ‘Imagine saying that?’ 

The fact was, all the adults that laughed along were no better than the kids. Because most of them said the craziest of things too. 

“I’m too old for the Internet, that’s a young person’s thing.”

“Me? Write a book? I couldn’t do that.”

“There’s no way anyone would buy anything I’d make.’

“Who’d be interested in anything I’d have to say?’

Each one, although written in stone in their minds, is as crazy as any of the ramblings of a five-year-old that’s high on sugar. 

Kids say the funniest things? – It’s not just the kids that do it.

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