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Agreed Upon Fables

….the other day, I was going through a Kindle book and stopped at the following quote “What is history but an agreed-upon fable.” 

And it is an interesting thought, that most of the things we take as true are nothing but a story that was agreed upon. – That this was the way things happened and that’s what we’ll believe as true.  Yet some of those are moments, where one person (or maybe none) witnessed the scene, were passed along as gospel truth. And along the way, each mouth added a little pizazz to it making it more exciting to their audience.  Because who wants to tell a boring story, right?

But it’s not just history that can be argued on, it’s the fables that surround us. It’s the ones families agree on, like no one in this house will ever go to college, no one in this family ever had a business of their own, or being rich makes you a bad person. Each one we’ve been listening to has become the textbook of what we can achieve. – We’re not going to college, not going to have a business of our own, and forget that dream of being a millionaire because you’ll be nasty and rich.  All fables we tell ourselves. 

Back when I used to stack shelves for a living, I’d a host of fables I used to tell myself.  This is as good as it’s going to get. Everything you’ve tried before was a complete failure, so how do you expect anything else to be any different? Only losers stack shelves for a living. And on and on it went. 

Had I lived by those fables you wouldn’t be reading these words. Kids wouldn’t be reading my Minecraft fiction series right now.  And I wouldn’t have recorded over 500 podcast episodes in an 18 month period. Plus a ton of other things that weren’t on my radar way back then. 

And it’s not just me. Chances are good you’re living your life according to some fable that you’ve agreed on, maybe one that’s not even your own. Maybe one that’s been handed down through the family or accepted by society as true. And it’s how you think life has to play out for you. – But is that true?

Why can’t someone like you write, podcast, start a business from home, or coach people on the other side of the planet? The answer that’s just sprung up in your mind probably isn’t true. But as long as you believe it you’ll live your life as if it’s the gospel truth, and even that ‘truth’ could be argued about. – But that’s for someone else to pull apart. 

No, what I want is for you to look at the fables you’ve agreed upon.  Because what you think you’re capable of could just be a really good piece of fiction.  But life can be a lot stranger and more powerful than the tale you’ve been telling yourself. 

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