Ah, The Day Of Love…

…the day when stalkers have the opportunity to pounce and announce their undying love for you.

But let’s put aside, all the couples, the singles….and take a look at you.

Yep you. I mean if you don’t love yourself, who’s going to pick up the slack.

Many years ago I got caught up with all the personal development

If I wasn’t making money, being successful, or a happy bunny 24/7, everyone was telling me that it was ALL my fault.

It got so bad I was tapping for this, chanting for that, and I ended up with panic attacks.

All because I hated myself for being too stupid, too poor, and too depressed.

While there is a grain of truth in the ‘it’s all your fault’ I took it to mean literally everything was my fault.

Did I do something in a past life?

Was it the way I was brought up?

Something my parents said?

For a while I even got angry at my parents for all the mental programming they gave me.

Then I wised up.

Seems if you look for problems, you know what… you find them.

If I asked you for things you hate about your car…..I’m sure you could come up with a list of things.

If I asked you what you like about your car….I’m sure you could find a list of things to come up.

Same with you.

What good qualities have you got?

What do you love about your business?

What’s the best bits of your new book?

It all comes down to what you focus on.

That’s what’s good about the WriteCome membership area, outside it it’s easy to get distracted with offer after offer.

But inside it, you can focus on what you want to learn before moving onto the
next thing.

You want email help…it’s there.

You want writing help…it’s there.

You want keyword research….it’s there.

Go and spoil yourself today. Like L’Oreal says ‘You’re worth it.’