Ah, The Old Days When Child Labor Was Popular…

…those were the days.

Bent over and dragging an empty fertiliser bag between my legs, as I picked up and tossed potatoes into it.

Starting at 9 am and working all day (with breaks) until 5pm.

And all for the princely sum of £10 (or $13 or so in US dollars).

By the end of it your back was usually broken, the next morning was usually worse, where you ended up looking like Quasimodo coming down for breakfast.

Nowadays kids have the world at their hands and they don’t even know it.

A ten year old can put up a few YouTube videos and be making $10 from ads in no time.

A teenager can spend all day taking snaps of themselves and their surrounding and make money hand over fist.

Even selling junk from the house, and putting it on eBay, can make any youngster an easy cash flow.

At the time when I was getting that crisp £10 note I thought I was the bee knees and the spiders ankles.

Ten whole pounds to spend.

I doubt you could find one teen that would do that work for that price. It wouldn’t even cover their phone credit.

There’s another things also…for those hours I worked I’ll never get them back…or get paid more than for what I did.

That’s what I love about writing, and the internet. You do something once, and you get paid over and over again for the hours you worked.

You create a report in four hours, that report can sell for years to come making you a regular income.

Those 4 hours could be worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars down the line.

In some case an hour video is all you need to make money.

The WarriorPlus marketplace is a good place to sell that report or video.

But you’ve got to take action.

Because of that I’ve added a bonus that’s going to get you started. 

Or you could work for an hour and only get paid for an hour.

I’ll leave you with a sobering thought.

If you were on your death bed and offered another hour of life for cash, how much would you pay?

$100, $1000, $10,000?

Then why would you trade that hour of life for a low paying wage where you only get $5, $10, $15 for an hour of your life?

I know your life is worth more than that. Creating and selling your own products will pay you a lot more for your time.

But you have to take action.

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